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Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint

Complete shoulder and hip blueprint come as a digital program package which helps to restore upper and lower body. The product has worked with athletes and other clients seeking to improve their body functions too. It is essential when it comes to adjusting body performance in terms of strength and resilience. Complete shoulder and Hip Blueprint is a creation of Tony Gentilcore and Dean Somerset- both respected coaches who have worked with many baseball players to correct shoulder dysfunction as well as injury-related problems for a long period of time. Shoulder and hip problems is a dominant condition that undermines people's daily activities. For that reason, this product was developed to eradicate such miseries by addressing them naturally rather than opting for medical treatment. It is important to give the product a little emphasis since it works on shoulder and hip regions, the parts credited to make human body gain additional strength, become resilient and endure pressures of heavy tasks. Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint is an amazing product. In the course of its existence, the product has received a lot of positive reviews from users. Give it a try and enjoy the benefits it guarantees. Read more here...

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Author: Tony Gentilcore and Dean Somerset
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Highly Recommended

The author presents a well detailed summery of the major headings. As a professional in this field, I must say that the points shared in this book are precise.

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If you've suffered a minor shoulder injury, whether that's a rotator cuff strain, rotator cuff tear, tendonitis, impingement, bursitis, freezing or frozen shoulder or general muscular pain in the shoulder, then 'Shoulder Pain NO More' can help you treat and stop your pain. The primary goal of the book is to relieve your pain as fast as possible. These three modules are dedicated to doing just that, with simple techniques that take only a few minutes in the comfort of your own home. Module 1: Diagnosis + Treatments Before you start any pain relieving techniques, you have to be able to choose the right ones. Knowing what your injury is will dictacte what approach you take through the next two modules, so this is where we start. Read more here...

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Exercise 7 Relaxation For Improved Awareness

To begin, assume a comfortable, seated or reclined position. Now close your eyes, and take several easy, deep, abdominal breaths. When you inhale, say to yourself, I am, and as you exhale, say to yourself, relaxed. Now starting with your toes and feet, bring your conscious awareness to each foot, and flex and relax each one individually. Say to yourself, In every way I am feeling better and more relaxed. Now move up to each leg and flex and relax each leg. Now be aware of your buttocks. Flex and relax your buttocks. Now bring your conscious awareness to your abdomen and stomach areas. Feel those areas flexing and relaxing. Now focus attention to your back area. Flex and relax it. Now flex and relax your chest area. Now flex and relax each hand and arm. Feel the sensation of your shoulders flexing and relaxing. Feel your neck muscles relaxing and becoming soft and heavy. Be aware of and feel the muscles in your mouth, nose and eyes relaxing. Let your jaw become loose and let your...

Exercise 45 Physical Tension Release

As an exercise when tense, tired or headachy and while standing or sitting, bend your knees slightly and place your hands high on your thighs. Draw your neck in like a turtle with the chin forward and up. A slight contraction will be felt at the base of your neck. Now draw your shoulders upward as if to touch them to your ears. Push down with the hands to draw the shoulders higher. If done correctly, a vibration will be felt in the neck, shoulders and head. Avoid breathing during the exercise and hold this vibration for a comfortable period. Then release and relax your muscles, beginning with the fingertips and working upwards. The vibration will release built-up tension and you may resume a more normal energy level.

Exercise 143 Developing Productivity Under Pressure

In some situations, you can simply sit for 5 minutes in a relaxed comfortable position and observe yourself slowly taking several deep breaths in and out. Drop your shoulders and let them hang limp. After the 5 minutes are up, you will feel calmer and more in control. Your thoughts will be more ordered and less confused.

Relaxation and Meditation

Take three deep breaths, holding on the inhale. Now visualize a silky smooth liquid of total relaxation and sense it entering your toes. As it does, feel the toes relaxing. Sense each muscle, each fiber, and each cell relaxing. Allow this soothing, healing relaxation to flow up into your pelvic area, your abdomen, your solar plexus, and into your torso. As the feeling of relaxation reaches the torso, sense it splashing down your arms, filling up the palms of your hands, your wrists, and your fingers into the fingertips. The relaxation permeates your shoulders and neck and fills your head and face. Every muscle in your body is now bathing in silky smooth, soothing relaxation. You are now completely relaxed.


Breathe in deeply through your nose - hold for a count of 3 (imagine you could gather all the stress in your body into the breath) - then release it all at once out the mouth (mouth wide open) - a big sigh Let your shoulders drop and relax with the breath (notice them drop).


You like to work with your body and to use your hands. You enjoy physical exercise and probably take part in sporting or dance activity of some kind, either now or in the past. You are the kind of person who gets up on your feet at the first opportunity when in a group meeting at work or on a dance floor at a party. You like to handle things directly and enjoy the sensation of new experiences. You may well use your body to aid communication, waving your hands, gesturing with your shoulders, and using facial expressions to augment the meaning of what you are saying. You probably enjoy

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