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Mom Conference

This is a3-day digital event consists of 32 world-class experts in the field of parenting who are sharing their inside secrets, tactics, and other methods they have used in order to be the best possible wife, mother, and person. It is hosted by Lauren and Desi who are two experts on the topic. They will share their secrets and tricks to overcome their issues in the pertinent conversation. In addition to that, you will get full access to talk with some of the best knowledgeable people in the field who will help you with your problems. The other thing about this conference is that it will allow you to connect and network with people you have an interest in. Some of the experts talking are probably also talking about some of your issues outside of the realm of being a mother such as legal issues, politics, how to start a business, the psychology of being a mother and ways to fill your time. It is hosted on a specific time but you can always catch up with the speakers on what they have said at their conference by watching the videos. The people are also very friendly and helpful and that is great because it helps you engage with your local community. Read more here...

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Law Of Attraction For Kids

Winsome Coutts, a mother of two and a grandmother, has a teacher's certification in education and she has taught several schools in Australia and Canada. She has also written hundreds of articles concerning self-development. Winsome has a passion for the Law of attraction, meditation, Self-help of Personal development, goal setting, and the secret movie. She decided to engage in the pursuit of knowledge in the mentioned areas throughout her life. Winsome has considerable experience raising children following her studies in Child psychology at University, and as a past teacher, a parent, and a grandparent. She knows that when children learn how to plan for their future and how to achieve their goals, they have a skill that will last them a lifetime. Winsome personally studied with two popular teachers, John Demartini and Bob Proctor and both are featured in The Secret' movie. For several decades since the early 90s, she has been goal setting for kids, visualizing, and applying the law of attraction. The law of attraction for kids is the first book ever to describe the law of attraction and the term goal setting. The language employed is simple for your children to understand and it will answer any question about the life-changing topics in a more detailed parent's guide. Read more here...

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From OTeach your child to thinkO Edward de Bono

You need to tell a story to your children at bedtime. Your random word is EGG. One man though has made some headway within the U.S. school systems -Dr. C. Samuel Micklus. With his wife Carole, they have developed a program called Odyssey of the Mind (OM). The Odyssey of the Mind Program, under the auspices of OM Association, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation, promotes divergent thinking in students from kindergarten through college. It is a program that offers students a unique opportunity to participate in challenging and creative activities both inside and outside their regular classroom curriculum. In OM teams, students develop self-confidence in creating solutions, evaluating their ideas and making final decisions. It makes learning fun. Now going into its eleventh year, over 350,000 students from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, China and Australia compete internationally on specially designed Odyssey of the Mind problems. To learn how to get your child's school involved in the OM...

Aggressive Dieting May Carry Risks Lous Story

A month later, I got a frantic telephone call from his wife, who informed me that her husband had just suffered a full-blown heart attack. I dropped what I was doing to help her during this emergency. Her husband underwent a balloon angioplasty and was able to gradually get back to work within a few weeks. Low-carb is now a taboo word in conversations in their house, because she feels that the diet precipitated her husband's heart attack. My friend also happens to have a strong family history of heart disease, making it hard to determine exactly what caused his heart attack. Given this uncertainty, I cannot say that the diet was the culprit. However, from a physiologic standpoint, we know that most cells in the body, and nearly all the cells in the brain, use carbohydrates like glucose or other simple sugars like fructose and galactose as their main energy source. For fats and proteins to be used as an energy source, they first have to be converted to glucose by specialized enzymes...

Acclimatize the child to the library environment

1 Select children's books with lots of pictures. Young children love pictures and pictures encourage children's imagination. Intuitive reading is based on imagination. Take young children to the library often to offer them the opportunity to smell, touch, and taste the library environment. Make this a pleasurable experience so they can associate pleasure with reading.

Coming to Terms with the Illness

Family members are often much more aware of the nature and likely course of the illness than the patient. This is because the dementing process often destroys the brain centers responsible for self-awareness, including the patient's own awareness of decline in intellectual capacity. Nonetheless, some family members refuse to accept that the patient indeed has a brain disease and get upset when he or she behaves in an irrational fashion. Coming to terms with the changing personality of the person they once knew is never an easy task. Later stages of the illness are characterized by confusion and disorientation, inability to recognize family members, breakdown in the ability to manage bodily functions, and incontinence of urine. Some patients become mute, and psychosis and behavioral changes like agitation and aggression may occur. Managing patients in the final stages is virtually impossible at home, and admission to a nursing home or similar long-term care facility becomes necessary....

Exercise 122 Simultaneous Conversation Awareness

Behind a closed door, pick out the different human voices conversing at a party in the next room. You'll probably find it easy to discern the voices of family members and close friends, but have more difficulty with voices you've heard only a few times. Listen for the pitch, the inflection, the pattern, and the tempo of the voice. Pick up on the idiosyncrasies -- clearing of the throat, sniffling, stuttering, etc. Seat yourself in a room where conversations are going on and close your eyes. Flash rapidly from one conversation to another, getting the flow of each by picking up key words and ideas.

The Case For Altered Gene Expression In Lltp

L-LTP induction (1, 2), although there are some differences in the particulars of the effect in the published reports.3 Similarly, knocking out or inhibiting the transcription factor cAMP-Responsive Element Binding Protein (CREB) and homologous family members can block L-LTP induction, although again there is some disagreement in the reported effects (3-5). (Interpretation of the CREB knockout results is complicated because of compensatory mechanisms that occur with CREB knockouts, and

Socializing With Coworkers

When you work, you work.You do not pick up your dry cleaning or drop off your laundry during working hours.You do not socialize with your friends or chat on the phone with your family. You do not take long coffee breaks and extended lunch hours. You work all the time you work. You commit yourself to getting the very most done that you possibly can in the time that you have available to you.

Neurogenesis In The Adult

Transcription factors of the fos jun family are prototype IEGs, and a variety of early work has shown that fos and jun family members are also regulated in L-LTP. However, subsequent work has suggested that fos jun regulation may be more of a general activity-related read-out as opposed to a specific signal associated with L-LTP. Nevertheless, fos jun signaling appears to be a likely component of the cascades set off by L-LTP-inducing stimulation, adding another example of transcription factor regulation to the list of gene targets in L-LTP.

Exercise 8 Honesty For Better Clarity

To help children build honesty in their lives, eliminate the accusatory tone in your voice when asking them about a mistake you think they made. Not doing so, only encourages them to to tell you a false story because they feel unsafe. Let them know that you accept whatever they have done and you forgive them, and whenever they decide to tell you a truthful rendition of what happened, you will listen. Also, remember, when you are honest, it sets an example for your children to be honest too.

Promemory Actions of Ginkgo

Recently, a physician friend of mine told me that he now takes ginkgo regularly because he has a strong family history of Alzheimer's disease. And he definitely isn't the only card-carrying member of the American Medical Association who takes this substance. So even though the jury is still out, the evidence in favor of ginkgo is piling up to such an extent that former skeptics have begun to turn the corner. If you are worried about losing your memory, or have begun to experience subtle memory loss, or, as in the case of my friend, have a strong family history of dementia, ginkgo biloba is an option.

Hydergine The First FDAApproved Antidementia Medication

From the 1980s into the early 1990s, I saw a large number of patients suffering from dementia who took hydergine. General practitioners or internists usually prescribed it to these patients. On occasion, I myself prescribed hydergine to patients with dementia when, out of desperation, family members insisted that I prescribe something, anything, even if there wasn't any solid evidence supporting the medication's use. In other words, I thought of it as similar to placebo, but in the absence of other available options, it wasn't such a bad choice. My approach in prescribing such a medication was to make the patient and family members fully aware that the chances of significant improvement were extremely low, but that it might be worth a shot given the lack of other available options.

Benefits of family mind mapping

3 Individual study speed and effectiveness is multiplied by the number of family members. T Throughout the Mind Map study process, family members engage in conversation about the material they are studying, rather than studying in silence. Research has shown that active verbalising leads to more efficient processing and greater recall of information.

Resist Relationship Entropy

But all relationships are a function of the time invested in them. You can only increase the value of a relationship by investing more time in it. This applies to a relationship with your spouse, relationships with your children, relationships with your staff members, and especially relationships with your friends and associates on a personal and professional level.

Risk Factors for Stroke

Your preventive strategy should focus on reducing risk factors for stroke reduce stress go for annual medical checkups if you have a strong family history of stroke reduce your weight and the intake of saturated fats in your diet maintain regular exercise habits take cholesterol-lowering medicines if proper diet and exercise together are not enough to keep your levels low stop smoking keep your blood pressure under control with a low-fat diet, low-salt intake, and if necessary, antihypertensive medications and control diabetes (diet and or medications) if you have this disease.

If Youre Older Take a Daily Multivitamin Tablet

These vitamin deficiencies are rare but are becoming more widespread among the elderly who live alone or are disabled. They may not keep track of what they need to eat, or when they should eat. Problems with dentures also worsen nutritional deficiencies. Maintaining proper hydration and nutrition is essential. Family members

You Are An Excellent Person

You are honest, decent, truthful, and hardworking. You treat other people with courtesy, respect, and warmth. You are dedicated to your family, friends, and your company. You are strong, confident, and responsible. You are knowledgeable, intelligent, and experienced. You are important not only to the people closest to you, but also to your community.You were born for a special reason, and you have a great destiny to fulfill.You are an excellent person in every way.

Form A New Reference Group

If you really want to change your thinking and your life, make a decision today to begin associating, in every area of your life, with other men and women whom you admire, respect, and look up to. Resolve to associate with people whom you enjoy and from whom you can learn. Work and socialize only with the kind of people that you want your children to be like when they grow up. When you set these kinds of standards for your interpersonal relationships, your whole life will begin to improve almost immediately.

How You Feel About Yourself

The better your self-esteem, the better you will be as a spouse and parent. High self-esteem parents raise high self-esteem children. These children develop high levels of self-confidence and associate with other high self-esteem children. High self-esteem homes are characterized by love, laughter, and happiness for everyone who lives there.

Design Your Perfect Life

If you had no limitations at all, how would you like to live, day in and day out If you were financially independent, what kind of home would you like to live in What kind of car would you want to drive What kind of life would you like to provide for your family What sort of activities would you like to engage in throughout the week, month, and year

Recognizing Persuasion Techniques

Every day, you encounter many attempts to persuade you. People in your life, such as your family, friends, and colleagues at work, try to get you to change your mind or do things their way. The media constantly gives you information, which, in its content and delivery, may be attempts to persuade you. Advertisers reach you on the radio, billboards, television, Internet, and print materials, telling you what to buy. When you are aware of these tactics and recognize how they are used you will not be as likely to be manipulated by them.

Extrapolate From The Present

If you work for a company, you should be thinking through the worst possible things that could happen in the next six months to a year that could affect your job and your security. If you own the company, you should identify the worst possible things that could affect the survival and health of your enterprise. You and your spouse should discuss possible problems and difficulties that might occur in your family life, and then make plans to guard against them.

Davids Medical History

David had a family history of cardiovascular disease his father succumbed to a stroke at age sixty-six, and his mother had severe heart disease and had suffered multiple heart attacks. An older brother had recently undergone four-vessel cardiac bypass surgery. When I asked about any familial history of neurological problems, David recalled that his grandmother had become senile and was ultimately unable to remember names of family members or take care of herself. He then spontaneously commented, You know, 96, it did occur to me that maybe I'm getting what she had.

The Physical Examination

Because a multitude of physical and psychological conditions can affect your memory, your physician will review your personal medical history. And because many relevant medical factors and disorders are heritable or tend to run in families, your checkup will include questions about your family medical history.


Imagine that you're watching your child's soccer game and the other team scores a goal. A parent complains that the goal shouldn't count because the player who scored it touched the ball with her hands in violation of the rules. At the moment the goal was scored, you hadn't noticed that the player used her hands, but when your mind runs an instant replay of the action, you now see that she did.

Method of Loci

As you speak, imagine traveling your route. Each landmark or locus will function as a cue to trigger your recall of associated information. You can use other familiar locations, such as the rooms in your house, as loci for this method. But you don't have to restrict yourself to physical locations you can use other signposts in your life, such as the months of the year, your family members ordered chronologically by age, and so on. The concept remains the same relate each idea or concept to a specific locus.

The Rashomon Effect

A concern voiced frequently by my patients has to do with their recall of a particular event that diverges widely from the recollection of someone else who was there. For example, a man I'll call Paul recently came to me for a consultation because he was extremely upset that he had been unable to remember an episode that occurred during a family Thanksgiving gathering two years ago. He and his sister were reminiscing and she mentioned the incident, characterizing it as a knock-down, drag-out family fight. Paul had no memory of it happening. I encouraged him to check with other family members who were at the dinner to see if they recalled the event. When he next saw me, he announced with amazement and relief that virtually every person he spoke with provided a somewhat different account of what actually happened, including a brother who vaguely recalled a lively discussion.

Memory Disorders

One morning in June 2002, a young man named Steven arrived at my office for an evaluation, having been referred by his primary care physician. Steven was pleasant and amiable, and he easily made conversation. Although he had difficulty providing detail about his history, he was able to tell me that he had been having memory problems since being injured in a motor vehicle accident six months earlier. He spoke somewhat vaguely about his current circumstances where he was living, family members in the area, and so on. Although he could recall very little about the specifics of his work, he was able to provide a step-by-step depiction of the process for handcrafting a leather vest, which had been his profession until the time of the injury.

Red Herring

Red herrings work well when the distracter is something that many people will agree with, or when it seems to be closely related to the issue at hand. In the first instance, you might throw in a comment about how no one likes paying higher taxes or working longer hours. Who would disagree For example, Our new boss does seem to be getting the job done. But, how about those longer hours Are you happy about your new work schedule You have less time with your family and you are not making any more money than before. The speaker here diverted attention away from the good job being done by his boss, and onto the topic of longer working hours.

Controlling stress

Indeed, for many people, helplessness is a major contributor to stress. What is important is to work out what you can do something about and what you are not able to influence. The most stressful moments are those over which we feel we have no control. When we are stranded on a railway station late at night and the last train is canceled, for example, we feel helpless rage. When we are desperately trying to produce papers for an important meeting or against an external deadline and the photocopier jams, we may experience a rage of impotent desperation. But, even in these situations we can minimize the stress. A call home to reassure your family, or a decision to pay out on an expensive taxi or to call a friend and ask to stay the night, if taken quickly, stops us sinking into frightened inactivity. Or, early decisions to redeploy other staff, use another copier, or go to an outside copy shop can reduce the angst associated with the inevitability of mechanical failure. At a deeper...

Five key principles

The capacity of the brain to mimic others is important. Sitting next to Nellie, as it is sometimes called, is a great way to learn. The use of role models and modeling certain behaviors at home and at work are powerful methods of passing on learning. In the workplace, coaches help to accelerate this process of intelligent imitation. In most families, much of the learning takes the form of copying other family members.

Joy Of Modern Parenting Collection

Joy Of Modern Parenting Collection

This is a collection of parenting guides. Within this collection you will find the following titles: Issues, rule and discipline, self esteem and tips plus more.

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