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Natural Synergy

Natural Synergy Cure could get attributed to a renowned researcher Emily Parker. Her main aim was to introduce the ancient art of healing when it comes to ailments disease. This product heals more than 91% of the diseases which affects people across the globe with a patient required to have a three minutes' commitment every day. Anyone suffering from chronic pain, depression, and anxiety would benefit from Natural Synergy cure in more significant ways; thus, they should take the initiative to consider this product. Everyone desire to be a pain- free thus with Natural Synergy Cure it would help one relieve the pain through acupressure and TCM and remain consistent about the products. The product is generally available in E-books and also Natural Synergy App, which comes with three exclusive bonuses which act as a guide. This product has been used by many people and has been proved to be the best healer of the root cause of the problem rather than focusing on the symptoms. Read more here...

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Contents: Ebook
Author: Emily Parker
Official Website: naturalsynergycure.com
Price: $47.00

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Highly Recommended

All of the information that the author discovered has been compiled into a downloadable pdf so that purchasers of Natural Synergy can begin putting the methods it teaches to use as soon as possible.

Purchasing this e-book was one of the best decisions I have made, since it is worth every penny I invested on it. I highly recommend this to everyone out there.

Pure Natural Healing

More and more medical research is showing that the science behind acupuncture and reflexology actually work The Asian doctors that developed that system back in the day actually had the right idea when it came to healing the natural way! A growing amount of research is showing that that your body has the means to care for itself, and has a self-correcting system built right into it. You will be able to lower cholesterol, get rid of depression and anxiety, and banish migrants and toothaches. This ebook by Master Lim gives you all of the tools that you need in order to get rid of the problems that face you in your quest to stay healthy. Kevin Richardson has co-written the book to give you an English version of the best book on Asian medicine that there is. Why spend thousands on medical bills when you can use remedies that Really work? Read more here...

Pure Natural Healing Summary

Contents: Ebook
Author: Master Lim
Official Website: www.purenaturalhealing.com
Price: $97.00

The Roots of Ayurveda

Tained a great deal of practical information and advice for everyday living. A number of Ayurvedic and related remedies have been discovered and subsequently used in Western medicine, including digitalis (digoxin) for congestive heart failure, rauwolfia alkaloids to extract reserpine (used to treat hypertension in the 1950s and 1960s), and several plant extracts with anticholinergic properties (to treat diarrhea, for example).

The Major Alternative Systems of Medicine

Unani is a system of medicine developed centuries ago in Arabia and Persia, which later mingled with local influences in the Indian subcontinent. Its popularity has dwindled over time. Chinese medicines include a variety of plants and their extracts to treat both symptoms and diseases. Many of them are meant to promote health and block some of the effects of aging even in the absence of disease, and some of them have recently risen to prominence in the fight against age-related memory loss. Most of these older medical systems focused on the maladies of youth and middle age, because few people lived to a ripe old age in those times. Hence they had few medicines for age-related memory loss. The one exception Chinese medicine, from which several remedies arose to treat the diseases of aging, including memory loss.

Ginsengs Actions in the Brain

Three common forms of ginseng are Asian (Panax ginseng), Siberian, and North American (Panax quinquefolium). The claims that any one type is superior have not been proven. Ginseng doses range from 500 to 3,000 mg daily, and the middle of this range is frequently used 750 to 1,500 mg daily. A Chinese medicine called Ching Chun Bao contains a potent form of ginseng and is thought to be a general antiaging tonic, juicing up energy level, sexual performance, and cognitive ability. Sometimes ginseng is marketed as a tincture that contains a fairly high alcohol content. People who take this tincture may feel better because of the alcohol and not the ginseng itself.

Alternative Remedies

Ern India, I had learned firsthand of the rapaciousness of fake Ayurvedic practitioners who thought nothing of adulterating historic remedies with their own brand of poison, purely for the sake of pocketing a few extra rupees. Heavy metal therapy is not unknown even in Western medicine, where injections of gold yes, metallic gold have been used successfully to treat severe rheumatoid arthritis. On the other hand, heavy metals can actually worsen Parkinson's disease, and I knew that Ayurveda had no effective treatment for this condition. I had a heated argument with my mother, and for a change, I won. She is well educated and knew about the toxicity of heavy metals like lead and mercury, but the tragedy of my father's illness had clouded her judgment and led her to desperately seek a remedy that might prove to be better than the standard medication, Sinemet.


Ginseng root preparations, used extensively in Chinese medicine for centuries, are now popular across Asia, Europe, and the United States. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, its medicinal properties achieved such fame that fortunes were paid for prize roots, as if they were rare diamonds. The reasoning behind ginseng's use is that it repairs yang energy. It is believed to have broad antiaging effects and is often given to treat fatigue and impotence. Male rats fed on ginseng initiate sexual activity much faster than rats that do not receive ginseng.

The Kirlian Effect

After examining a series of Kirlian photographs, a surgeon in Leningrad, M.K. Gaikine, wondered if it would be possible to relate the photographic images to the 700 or so acupuncture points used by practitioners of Chinese medicine and its variations. His suggestion turned out to be very useful, especially for practitioners of acupuncture, who were finally able to offer scientific proof of the effectiveness of their technique. As it turned out, the energy

Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbs

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