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Repeat Information When Necessary

If you are asked to repeat something, take your time and do so without appearing irritated or distracted. Remember that people who speak English as a second language and those with certain types of disabilities may not get every word spoken or may not fully comprehend the first time they hear something. This is where written information can also help. If instructions or information is written, refer participants to it as you explain or discuss. Remember that some people from other cultures may read but not speak English well.

Avoid Americanized References

Remember what you read in Chapter 2 about assumptions when using analogies and metaphors. To help reduce the risk of misunderstandings by people who speak English as a second language, use universal language and references. Avoid words, examples, or acronyms that are uniquely American or tied to sports, historical events, or specific aspects of American culture. For example, avoid a comment such as, I'll need your 'John Hancock' on this form, If plan A fails, we'll drop back and punt, Looks like we scored a base hit with that last activity, Close, but no cigar, or Win one for the 'Gipper.' These phrases might be understood by someone acculturated to the American society, but will likely make no sense to others. They will only confuse your participants and do little to enhance comprehension.

Millions Of Millionaires

Some are new immigrants who arrived in America unable to speak English, and some are from families that have been in America for generations. Some have excellent educations from the finest universities, and some are high school dropouts. Some have superb physical health and others are in wheelchairs, hard of hearing, blind, or have other physical limitations.

Hollywood Amnesia

The scene opens with a grainy black-and-white wide-angle shot of a nondescript ramshackle motel. The wind picks up, raising a cloud of dust and sending tumbleweed careening across the parking lot. Cut to an interior shot of one of the rooms. A middle-aged man with three days of beard stubble gazes into the bathroom mirror, rubbing a bruise on his forehead. The man's thoughts are heard in a voiceover Where am I How did I get here Who am I

Use Standard English

Technical terms, contractions (e.g., don't, can't, wouldn't), slang (e.g., like, you know, whoopee, rubberneck) or broken English (e.g., sentences that are imperfectly spoken or that fail to follow standard rules of grammar or syntax) can be obstacles to someone who does not speak English well. You would do well to recognize that some participants might understand a language without being able to speak it effectively. Also, some participants may not speak a language (especially in public forums) because they are either self-conscious about their ability, or choose not to. An additional factor to consider is that, unlike Western cultures, some cultures value and use silence as an important aspect of communication. Many Westerners might interpret this to mean that the person does not understand what he or she has been told.

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