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Exercise 142 Improve Your Physical Strength In 7 Days

You can measure the many things that affect your life energy force with a simple kinesiological muscle test. By using a hand grip dynamometer, you can test your strength after exposure to specific energy fields, foods, pictures, words, symbols or even the thoughts of others directed toward you. For most people, listening to rock or country music, looking at unpleasant or negative pictures, eating sugar or red meat, coming into contact with plastics, synthetic clothing or cigarettes, and even thinking negative thoughts weakens a person kinesiologically. Although the effects are mostly temporary, constant exposure in these areas can continually deplete your bodily energy. Elimination of such exposure allows your body to strengthen itself again.

Exercise 203 Using Quartz Crystals

Choose your quartz crystal by the way it 'feels' to you. If a chipped and ugly one feels right, then that's the crystal for you. To start off, use a clear, single-terminated quartz crystal (it has only one point). Since your crystal picks up vibrations easily, it is necessary to initially cleanse it. You can pack your crystal in salt (preferably sea salt) or soak it in salt water for 7 days (1 tsp. sea salt to 1 qt. of pure water). You can put the crystal in running water (like a stream) or bury it in the earth for 7 days. The vibrations of painful emotions and health problems can be imparted to your crystal, so short cleansings are periodically necessary. For short cleansings, a 3-day period of any of the above procedures is sufficient. If your crystal is handled by someone, clear it with a salt solution soaking for 10-30 minutes. After cleansing, place your crystal in the direct dawn sunlight for 2 to 3 hours to charge and activate it with the life energy of the sun.

Exercise 219 The Effect Of Symbols

Became the emblem for Hitler's Nazi party. Even Jewish concentration camp survivors test strong in its presence, displaying a level of symbol response that goes much deeper than individual feelings. If you test for the counterclockwise swastika, you might be weak or strong depending on which cerebral hemisphere is dominant. If you are cerebrally balanced, neither one will weaken you. Also, the more life energy you generate (see Exercise -- Increase Your Energy, Increase Your Health ), the less affected you will be by symbols or any other environmental factors.

Exercise 107 Electromagnetic Field Awareness

Sit or lie down in a comfortable, relaxed position and take a few deep, abdominal breaths. Do Exercise -- Cleansing Breath For Better Health to charge up your body. Then completely relax yourself and tune into the energy radiating from your body (see the life energy measuring device in the back of the book). Imagine it pulsating in a wave-like action and sense the feeling of it emanating from your body. Now imagine that you are expanding this energy field to about 3 feet from your body. Put your conscious awareness into it and let it flow outward. Gradually expand it some more until it reaches 9 feet from your body. Visualize how this would look and continue to expand it even further to about 15 feet from your body. To assist the process, create an excited, positive, emotional attitude while doing it.

Exercise 52 Improving Your Visualization Skills

There is a life energy flowing and ebbing in each one of us, and our immune system is directly linked to this life energy stream. Your strength does not solely rely on the size of your muscles. There are many environmental factors that can vitalize or devitalize your body on subtle levels. With certain people, some factors carry more weight than others in their effect, hence the variability from individual to individual. If you choose to shield yourself from the debilitating effects of negative input, you can create a protective word or visual image to act as your anchor to do so. For instance, you might reiterate to yourself the word, strong, while stepping into a visual image of yourself BEING strong. The higher your life energy, the more protection you will have from negative factors. By raising your own life energy, you correspondingly help to raise the energy of those around you as well.

Exercise 22 Connected Breathing For Increased Energy

Powerful effects can be felt by controlling your inhalation and exhalation in a connected way. By gently, but deeply breathing in and out without a pause in between, you can supercharge your system with energizing oxygen. Maintain this connected breathing in a relaxed rhythm (don't force yourself into a hyperventilating syndrome) for an hour a day for 30 consecutive days, and you will feel far more able to successfully accomplish many of the other exercises in this manual. Your stress and negative emotions will dissipate too. There is a merging of your pure life energy with the air you breathe that will send vibrations throughout your body in a cleansing, nourishing way. By controlling your breathing in this way, you can physically extend your life. As an adjunct to the above exercise, take in a deep, abdominal breath and hold it. Now stick your tongue out and bring the air up as if to exhale, but instead put a throat lock on it and gag. The gagging noise is not necessary, but...

Exercise 105 Learning The Language Of Touch

Understanding how touching affects you is better than misinterpreting it. Through touch, the powerful life energy of a strong, loving person will 'naturally' flow into the field of a weak, low energy person (see the life energy measuring device in the back pages of this book). When you touch someone with the intention to benefit them, you often evoke similar, positive emotions in them, and a therapeutic effect can result.

Exercise 23 Cleansing Breath For Better Health

Surprising to Westerners is the fact that good controlled breathing has a great deal to do with all the extranormal powers exhibited by yogis and lamas of the East. How could such a simple thing like breathing be connected to better mental powers The Hindus call breathing exercises pranayama, which is the control of the prana or subtle life energy of your breath. Food and drink are important, but if your breath ceases, all other manifestations of energy and movement of your body stop automatically. When you control the motion of your lungs, you control the subtle prana. When your life energy is controlled, every part of your body can be filled with it and bodily control is much easier. All diseases of your body can be eliminated by controlling and regulating your life energy, and it brings about the power of healing. If your body is strong and healthy with an abundance of life energy, your radiating vibrations will benefit the people around you as well. In ordinary breathing, you...

Increase Your Health

The more relaxed their rest and sleep, the more easily their energy is increased. What other factors are involved with your energy level Nutrition, emotions, posture, water quality, breathing, exercise, music, aromas or simply seeing a movie can all have a bearing on your energy level. One of the most important factors related to your energy level though is your sense of purpose. One reason why many elderly folks lose their vitality for living is because of retirement Work provides people with a sense of purpose, and when their work is removed, their energy level can drop dramatically. So find some purpose for your life - charity work, a new vocation or avocation, a goal, a hobby or a pursuit you always wanted to take up, or better yet, tune into your spiritual reason for being here. When your life has purpose, you will not only feel better about yourself, but your energy level will rise as well.

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