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With Mind Secrets Exposed, readers are promised the ability to gain success, wealth, happiness, peace and anything else they would like to accomplish or have. I am glad to say that it doesnt disappoint. Mind Secrets Exposed comes in two formats an e-book and an audiobook, the standard for self-help books. The book is written in a personal and casual manner, such that even the most novice of readers can grasp the concepts easily. Each chapter ends with action steps that provide tips and advice on implementing the chapters lessons into the readers daily life. These action steps are a welcome addition to the book, as it provides impetus and direction for the reader to take action this way, the lessons in the book become more than just words and concepts and is turned into actual results. Mind Secrets Exposed does not provide a quick and dirty scheme for becoming a better person those books generally deal in myth and are typically not worth your money. Instead, Mind Secrets Exposed can turn you in a better person and a success machine with some investment in time and effort. Beyond the book itself, Greg Frost has also included Quick Wealth System, which is a fast and easy training program on creating wealth in your life and a monthly newsletter that provides even more content dealing with success, the workings of the brain as well as a motivational and success coaching program. Read more...

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Taking your mind out of its box

This book is going to help you unpack your mind, so that you can reassemble the component elements. Then, as with a camera, you can begin to use this manual to help you find out what your mind needs to work more effectively, to power it up. Imagine you are unpacking your mind for the first time. Let's start with your brain although this is not all there is to your mind, as we will see later. In the next few pages you will find out some of the basic science underpinning the operation of your mind.

Powering up your mind

For far too long, these three key stages have been viewed in isolation when they need to be taken together. If you can do all three things well, then you will truly have powered up your mind. You do not need to be a brain scientist or a lover of business books to enjoy, understand, and apply these ideas. Neither do you have to become a disciple of any one philosophy to reap benefit from the insights contained here. Power Up Your Mind is a user's guide for busy business people to the way their minds work. You will find in it a brief description of the most important techniques and the key research findings that will enable you to be smarter in the way you work and live. You will also find original thoughts and ideas that appear nowhere else.

Open Your Mind

Of course, nothing in life comes without some conditions, right Here's the catch to learning these tools that make opening your mind easier and more fruitful than ever before You may need to open your mind just to learn them. So sit back and open your mind. The Do-It-Yourself Lobotomy tools are the meat of this book. Eat it up. Digest it. And let it help you satisfy your hunger for creative thinking for the rest of your life.

Tuning in your mind

The process of connection is really about tuning in. Just as when you go abroad it takes a while for your ears to become attuned to the unaccustomed sounds of the strange language you hear, so it takes time for your mind to become attuned to the medium or method it is being invited to employ. Cover a blank piece of writing or flipchart paper with all you already know about a subject. Take your time and keep on coming back to the task. Use a mixture of words, drawings, jottings anything that seems helpful. I call this activity a braindrizzle. It is much less dependent on the accident of a particular time than a brainstorm and induces less unnecessary stress. By downloading what you already have in your mind, you are beginning to organize what you know. Set yourself some simple research tasks to do, like spending an hour on a focused web search or getting one good book from your library. Your mind is endlessly curious, so once you start to narrow the range you are beginning to tune in....

Program Your Mind

There are three techniques combining verbalization and visualization that you can practice to achieve your goals faster. These are often referred to as mental programming techniques. They are amazingly effective in preparing yourself and your mind for an upcoming event. First, take a few deep breaths. This relaxes you and drops your mind into the alpha state. In this state, your subconscious mind becomes highly receptive to any incoming command. Second, you visualize the ideal outcome of the upcoming situation. You imagine it as turning out perfectly for you in every respect. For example, if you are making a sales call, visualize the client responding to you in a positive, receptive way. Especially, visualize the client signing the check or sales order at the end of the conversation. The third and last part of the quick programming technique is for you to verbalize or create a positive affirmation that is consistent with your mental picture. A simple affirmation would be This sales...

Intelligence and the mind

Yet, we know now that intelligence involves a combination of know-how and know-what across a multitude of contexts. If you are intelligent, you are good at using your mind in many different ways. If your mind is working well, you are able to learn to do many things that you did not think you could do. Nurture not nature is in the ascendency.

First Impressions Are Lasting

If you were raised by parents who continually told you what a good person you were, who loved you, encouraged you, supported you, and believed in you, no matter what you did or didn't do, you would grow up with the belief that you were a good and valuable person. By the age of three, this belief would lock in and become a fundamental part of the way you view yourself in relation to your world. Thereafter, no matter what happens to you, you would hold to this belief. It would become your reality.

Exercise 7 Relaxation For Improved Awareness

Deep relaxation relieves tension & fear, and strengthens the immune response to disease. By relaxing your body, your mind becomes calm and clear while your brain wave activity is slowed to the alpha state (7 to 14 cycles per second). You can create your own relaxation cassette tape or have someone read the following relaxation dialogue to you or you can mentally and progressively repeat the following points to yourself. In this totally relaxed state, your blood vessels are dilated, and more oxygenated blood is flowing to your vital brain areas for better functioning. Now begin imagining a specific color in your mind's eye. With each abdominal breath, you are breathing in that color of relaxation. Allow it to permeate and soothe all the cells of your body with each breath that you take. The color you have chosen to connect with your state of relaxation will be the same color you can use in the future to help you relax. Now create the number 3 on your mental blackboard in that same...

It Happens to Everyone Normal Memory Lapses and Distortions

Do you find that not only do you forget things but your mind also plays tricks on you You feel so confident about your recollection of a particular event, only to discover that you are entirely wrong on one or more key details. Let's say you remember that your neighbor's daughter became engaged and you are sure that your neighbor told you this information. But it turns out that you'd actually read about it in the local newspaper. This is an example of misattribution, a memory error that happens to practically everyone and becomes more common with age.

The duality of the brain

There has been an attempt to associate certain psychoneuroses with the subconscious brain but it seems to me to that we are more likely to find a cause in the imbalance and disharmony between the two parts of the brain it is the link between them which creates a healthy, normal person, and the more or less pronounced separation between the conscious and subconscious brains which leads to disease. At first glance, it may appear that a perfect balance of the conscious and subconscious minds depends on the equilibrium of each of the parts, but in reality this is not very important. A perfectly balanced individual may have a preponderance for one or the other part of the brain. Nervous persons in particular are often observed to place more emphasis on the subconscious brain, without necessarily becoming ill. All he or she has to do is learn to control it.

Step Five Take Action On Your Plan

There is something powerful in your willingness to take a specific action, in faith, in the direction of your goal, with no guarantee of success. Your action itself seems to trigger all kinds of other powers and forces in the universe. You activate the Law of Attraction to help you. When you take action, you demonstrate to yourself, and to others for that matter, that you are really serious about your goal.

Seven Steps To Highperformance Living

They are going, rather than about what has happened in the past. They create a clear, exciting future vision of what is possible for them. By the Law of Attraction, they find themselves attracted toward their future hopes and dreams, and their future hopes and dreams are attracted toward them.

Practice Mental Rehearsal

Second, you clearly visualize an upcoming event, or a goal that you desire. You allow yourself to enter into the experience and see it clearly in your mind. You imagine yourself actually doing and saying the things you would if the upcoming situation is perfect. One of the very best times to practice mental rehearsal is just before you go to sleep. By verbalizing and visualizing your ideal goals or activities for the coming day immediately prior to sleeping, you program your subconscious mind to work on those goals all night long. Then, when you wake up in the morning, you will often have insights and ideas that you can use to make those goals a reality. It is an amazing technique and is extremely effective.

Dreaming a journey into the subconscious

Psychoanalysts base a large part of their study of the subconscious mind on dream analysis. They interpret symbols expressed in dreams in order to learn how patients may be compensating for their psychological problems, and what kinds of behavior they may be suppressing. There is no denying the importance of dreams. On the other hand, it is wrong to limit their importance to Freudian analysis. Freud himself wrote about the telepathic relationship existing between patient and analyst in an essay entitled Psychoanalysis and Telepathy. One of the ways this relationship is expressed is through dreams - patients often dream about their analysts, and vice versa. As many psychiatrists will agree, making a study of the mind's images is a good way to stimulate telepathic communication.

Dreams seances and creativity

When dreams are used to stimulate or compliment creativity, they coordinate, organize, associate and resolve equations which we propose to our subconscious mind. Tartini wrote his Devil's Sonata during a dream. Mendeleyev discovered his famous periodic table of elements while dreaming. The idea to work on a drug to combat diabetes came to Banting in a dream. The result His discovery of insulin, which has allowed millions of diabetics to lead healthy normal lives. Edison, Einstein and Franklin were all in the habit of taking a short nap when they were trying to find the solution to some problem. Voltaire and Coleridge claimed that they often woke up with entire poems written out in their heads.

The quality of double vision descriptions

When an instructor asks what is causing the disease (sometimes asking is not even necessary), a subject is able to find the physical and or psychological causes of the illness. In other words subjects are able to draw information from the subconscious mind of another person. In addition, they have access to information which the sick person himself might not be consciously aware of. This is one of the most interesting aspects of double vision. If you really want to help someone, gaining a supranormal understanding of their problem can provide extraordinary insight into both the cause of the problem, and possible cures. Caslant was close to discovering this potential when he said, I have seen countless cases where a subject has described someone's personality more accurately than the person would be able to do himself Had Caslant lived a little longer, he may have changed his opinion about double vision. I have seen many instances where the technique has been used to shed new light on...

Exercise 202 Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is like watching television -- past, present or future. Prophecy or precognition more specifically identifies future seeing clairvoyance. By relaxing your conscious waking mind, your subconscious mind can establish a link to the universal storehouse of information.

Consciously Choose Optimal Thinking

In any given moment, you can become conscious of your highest self by choosing who you most want to be. On a moment-by-moment basis, consciously choose your best self and think at peak level. Ask the best questions to invite the best answers. When you notice yourself thinking suboptimally, simply accept and honor this as an authentic expression of your reality. Then use Optimal Thinking to get back

The Impact Of The Learning Environment

Remember what you read about first appearances To create a good first impression in your training room, you simply have to do some advance planning and preparation. To start with, locate some inspirational quotes by well known people that relate to your topic. Either have a graphics company create an assortment of professional looking posters or produce your own visually stimulating flip charts as discussed in Chapter 8. Use a variety of bright colors, borders, and clip art or other images. Post sayings around the room at eye level to reinforce the program theme. The reason you want to

Relationships Are Everything

Keep it foremost in your mind that relationships are everything. Your job is to become a relationship-creating individual. You should look for every way possible in your personal reference groups, in your mastermind networks, in your clubs and associations, and with mentors to form and maintain high-quality relationships.

3The Wilder the Better

Although idea quantity is essential for idea quality, it may not always be sufficient. You can't always rely on the laws of probability. Thus, you need to free your mind and turn off censors and shake off constraints. Shoot for wild, crazy, silly, off-the-wall ideas. These ideas and the ones they spark are the ones you need for high-quality, winning ideas. Don't worry about practicality when generating ideas. Remember, you're supposed to separate generation and evaluation. Instead, focus on how many wild ideas you can think of. Some conventional ideas are O.K., too. But don't make a habit of it. Go for the unusual and see what results.

Exercise 18 Concentration For Better Focus

Before going to sleep, try counting backwards from 100 to 1 by projecting an imaginary white numeral onto a blackboard in your mind and see how far you get before an interrupting thought invades the process. Eventually, you'll be able to do it easily. Next, recite mentally all the multiplication tables. Go over each product taking one number at a time and recite its product. One times one is one through to one times nine. Then two times one through two times nine, etc. See if you can go through the entire multiplication table without having your mind wander off. The progress you make can be easily marked by where you strayed off in the multiplication table.

Super Reading And Dipping

Super reading entails quickly moving through large amounts of text, giving your mind the chance to sort out and fixate on words that carry meaning. When you combine super reading with a well defined purpose, your mind will be attracted to key words, phrases, selections, and ideas. You bypass whatever is unimportant.

Preparing For Your Informationprocessing Postassessment

Before you do your postassessment, let's see how you might apply some of the techniques of this chapter to the information-processing preassessment. First, refresh your mind by rereading the shopping scenario on page 83. Imaging Look for the list in your memory. Visualize the place where you wrote the items on the list. You may be able to see the paper in your mind. If so, read it

The Rudder Of The

Just as you become what you eat, you also become what you feed into your mind. Your mind is most receptive to new ideas first thing in the morning. You can accelerate the process of changing your thinking by starting off every morning by reading for 30 to 60 minutes in something uplifting and inspirational before you start your day. The first hour of the morning is called the rudder of the day. Whatever you put into your mind in this golden hour sets the tone of your thinking for the rest of the day. When you get up in the morning and, instead of reading the newspaper or watching television, you read something positive, constructive, and inspiring, you preprogram your mind for the hours ahead.

Learning about learning

The most obvious way of learning about learning in general is reading books or using other media to find out about the subject. Reading a book such as Power Up Your Mind is a good example, as is watching a television program about how your brain works, or using a CD-Rom to find out about learning styles. Earlier in this chapter, I explored the idea that learning is a progression from unconscious incompetence to unconscious competence via conscious incompetence and conscious competence. For most people, the stage when you become consciously competent is the most important one, hence the subtitle of this part of the book. So, if you are interested in getting the best out of your mind, you will want to read about the subject generally. You have already encountered theories that could be useful to you.

Step 3 Concentrated thinking

An untrained mind is like a wild horse. It runs this way and that, and resists all attempts to be tamed. This exercise will help you learn to control your mind. You have already improved your concentration by practicing the visual exercises described above. Now it's time to control your mental activity. Be careful not to let your mind start wandering off in a series of associations (for example, rectangle - geometry - school - children - vacation - sun -beach, etc.). Just stay focussed on the rectangle, and if thoughts arise, let them go instead of clinging to them.

Exercise 149 Headache Relief

To begin with, stop affirming your so-called headache is a headache. Call it a so-called headache. This initiates doubt for the subconscious that the pain is even really there. Next, query yourself about it. How big is it The size of a marble, golf ball or soft ball Does it throb Is the pain sharp or dull Point to where in your head you feel it, and bring your conscious awareness to the area. Is it surface oriented or subsurface oriented Is it long or short Picture in your mind its appearance. Does it have a color Is it hollow or solid Let your answers be what first comes to your mind. Where is the so-called headache now Continue visualizing and describing the so-called headache until it vanishes.

Exercise 127 Alphabet Gymnastics

Let's do a drill to limber up your mind for the exercise to follow. Have a partner begin uttering words from 6 to 15 letters long and you guess as fast as you can the number of letters in each word after your partner utters it. After doing 20 or 30 words this way, proceed to the exercise below. This is an exercise to prepare you for the exercises to come. Take a sheet of paper and PRINT the alphabet in block letters and visualize each letter as you do this. Then look away and hold the entire alphabet in your mind's eye. Keep looking back at it and then away again until you succeed. Now remove the sheet of paper and print the whole alphabet backwards from memory alone. Then check for mistakes and write the alphabet backwards again. Keep repeating the process, but each time without looking at previous attempts. Do this until you can write the alphabet backwards 20 times perfectly. If you mastered the preceding drills, this one should flex your mind's potential a little. Now hold the...

More on Super Reading

Super reading may require several passes through text at high speeds. Feeling attracted to certain words is your inner mind's way of communicating what is meaningful and what is not. Like the instruments of an orchestra warming up before a concert, the different parts of your mind harmonize and connect as you super read and refine your purpose. The primary skill behind super reading is sensitivity to your mind's subtle communication. Like following a hunch or intuition, allow yourself to be guided to the specific answers you seek. You might be aware of an eye movement toward some part of the page, a gut feeling urging you to stop, an inner voice, or a picture in your mind.

Accept Responsibility

The best way to eliminate anger of all kinds is to accept responsibility. The acceptance of responsibility immediately short-circuits the emotion of anger. All the energy that anger requires for its existence is cut off. As soon as you say, I am responsible your anger stops. Because of the Law of Substitution and the fact that your mind can hold only one thought at a time, you cannot accept responsibility for your situation and be angry at the same time.The idea of blame, on which the emotion of anger is based, is canceled out by the decision to accept responsibility.

The Importance Of Action

Once you have answered your question with at least 20 answers, go back over your answers and select at least one answer that you are going to take action on immediately. This step is very important It is your taking action of some kind that keeps the torrent of ideas flowing through your mind. As you take action on one idea, another idea for another action will come to you.

Positive Versus Negative Thinking

When you think about what you did right and what you could do differently next time, your mind will be completely positive. Your creativity will be stimulated. You will see all kinds of opportunities and possibilities for improvement that you would have missed completely if you allowed yourself to feel sorry for yourself after an unsuccessful event.

Jumping To Conclusions

There seems to be a direct relationship between the quantity of ideas and approaches you develop to solve a problem and your likelihood of coming up with the best idea that will solve the problem in the very best way. For this reason, you must discipline yourself to resist the temptation to jump to conclusions, or to rush to judgment. You must proceed more slowly, like a genius, and keep asking questions. You must keep your mind open.

One Thought At A Time

Your mind can hold only one thought at a time, positive or negative. If you are constructively looking for a solution for or a valuable lesson from every difficulty, you can't be upset or angry at the same time. If you apply the Law of Substitution and deliberately force yourself to

Preprogram For Peak Performance

You can use this technique to preprogram your mind for a variety of things. For example, let us say you have a problem that you are worried about. Just before you go to sleep, turn this problem over to your superconscious mind and ask for a solution. Then, forget about it and go to sleep. Very often, when you wake up in the morning the solution will occur to you. It will be crystal clear and perfect in every respect.

Repetition Develops New Habits

The ball well, you can't lay down a new ball and try to replicate the swing while the memory is still fresh in your mind and in your body. At the practice range, that's exactly what you do to find a good groove. It's the same with these thinking tools. Don't just practice practice perfectly.

How adventurous are you feeling If you need to rekindle your capacity for adventure use A some of the ideas above to

Successful learners in the Knowledge Age are like the merchant adventurers of old or the galactic explorers in the television series Star Trek. To boldly go where others may not have been, even if only in your mind, requires an inner strength. Elie Wiesel, Nobel prize winner and holocaust survivor, puts it like this

Final Notes on Active Reading

Realize that the reading you are doing is by choice, for your personal profit. Realize that it makes a difference to you whether you have the information contained in what you read. Only then can you fully engage your mind's ability to concentrate. In summary, use these ideas to be a more active and demanding reader. Engage the whole mind to read with speed and efficiency. Extend your understanding beyond your current limits by doing some in-depth analytical reading. Above all, use your mind's full potential to accomplish your personal and professional goals.

Concentration Exercise

Next, become aware of thoughts or images that come into your mind Just notice them. What are they about, and what are they like Now imagine that you put your thoughts and images into a glass jar and watch them Examine them What are your thoughts and images like What do they do as you watch them As most thoughts or images come into your mind, put them into the jar too, and see what you can learn about them Now take your mental jar and pour out the thoughts and images. Watch as they disappear and the jar once again is empty

Getting the big picture

Brain science is also important for motivation. We touched on some of the ideas when you unpacked your brain in Chapter 1, but I want to explore them in a little more detail. Your brain learns by processing experiences. Its neurons are continually trying to make connections between each other and so establish pathways, embedding memories and knowledge in your mind. With so much sensory data, it is easy to see that your brain needs to be able to make sense of it all. It needs to focus its energies and it needs to engage and connect. It likes to find and make patterns. It likes to have the big picture and then to be able to create patterns or connections within this. Being motivated to learn something or focusing on something specific helps your mind to create patterns. It enables it to find the connections between data it already has and new data it is acquiring.

Exercise 168 Intuition Hunches and Decisions

Do you often experience mental chatter going on in the back of your mind, but every now and then something 'clear' pops up that tells you to do this or that When you follow those 'hunches,' they usually pay off. Sometimes though, you don't follow your hunches and later you wish that you had. This process of listening to and following your hunches simply amounts to capitalizing on the preconscious thought processes that comprise your intuitive level of thinking. With practice, you can learn the technique of becoming aware of these subtleties and utilizing these fleeting moments of insight and intuition. As an exercise, practice during the day being still for a few minutes at a time. Suspend your thinking processes and simply 'drink in' your surroundings without evaluating anything. Close your eyes and just listen to your internal voice. Ask a question, pose a problem or express a desire then listen for a subconscious answer. Be patient with yourself. This is not something you can force...

Exercise 192 Telepathy With Animals

As an exercise in communicating with your pet dog or cat, start with something that is familiar to it. First, preface your telepathy with a lot of love and affection physically. Emotions are already a universal language, and positive feelings lay the telepathic groundwork for a better rapport. Now clear your mind of all inner thoughts and issue mentally the visualization of your pet's food in his bowl or the sounds of opening the can or any accompanying sensory data associated with the feeding process. Imagine your pet eating the food while you emanate love and affection toward him. Don't forget to learn what your animal is projecting to you as well. Clear your mind and let it run idle while you look at your pet. Impressions will begin to form. Experiment by projecting your mental body into your pet's mind (review Exercise --

Seeing Between the Lines

Referring to the illustration above, do you see the shapes within the lines What you see are patterns of breaks in the lines. The shapes you see are really patterns you create in your mind. Does it look like the shape lines are slightly larger as they cross the black lines and thinner as they pass through the white areas

Control Your Selftalk

If you are a positive person, you will say something like, Well, it's just one sales call. This makes it temporary. You will say, The customer is probably having a bad day. This makes it specific. You then say, I'll be more successful on the next call. This focuses you on the future. When you dismiss temporary setbacks in this way, you keep your mind positive. You remain confident and optimistic.

How to remember your dreams

When you get into bed, start by relaxing your entire body, from your toes right up to the top of your head. This will put you into an alpha state. Then repeat a few positive formulations 'I want to remember one of my dreams. I can remember one of my dreams. tomorrow, when I wake up, I will have a perfect recollection of one of my dreams.' If you still have problems, add this formulation 'I have the right to remember my dreams ' and repeat it mentally a few times, with conviction, as if you were a union negotiator demanding fair wages from an employer. You could accompany the formulation with a visualization of yourself, waking up in the morning, writing your dream down in a notebook. It is important to generate a feeling of ease and satisfaction as your mind creates the visualization. Next morning, when you wake up, avoid anything that tends to stimulate beta activity - opening your eyes, thinking about the time, moving around, and so on. Just lie still and try to remember your dream....

Tune in Completely to the Other Persons Needs and Wants

When you pause before responding, you can give full consideration to the other person's input. The pause indicates to the speaker that you are truly listening, and encourages the expression of his or her needs and wants. This will enable you to discover how the person perceives his or her reality before you respond. You will foster more expression with the most sensitive use of comments like What's on your mind , Oh , Tell me about that, Right, Really , Yes, And, Go on, So , Sure.

Exercise 189 Audio Telepathy

Research has revealed that telepathic information is carried by extremely low frequency (ELF) waves. Just as sea salt is used to 'clear' crystals of accumulated vibrations (see Exercise -- Using Quartz Crystals ), telepathic subjects in submarines often get muddled impressions in very deep seawater when trying to pick up target subjects miles away on dry land. Telepathic ELF waves have very long wave lengths and can pass through almost anything except very deep seawater. Of course, the Navy has succeeded in projecting electronic ELF waves through sea water with amplified generators, so it all depends on amplitude. At least 50 - 75 of the idle thoughts coming into your mind are simply being picked up from other minds around you. We are always sending and receiving impressions from other minds on a subtle level that coalesce and form many of our ideas and thought processes. We just don't know the source or even that it is happening. We think we are the originators of all our ideas. The...

Free Association Activities Blue Skies

Blue skies Happy days are here again. Put on a happy face. It's time to let loose and see what happens. Be footloose and fancy-free. Go on and let go. Allow the ideas to flow and grow. Build on them. Create highways to the skies and then float back down. Light as a feather in your cap. Tip the waiter and smile, smile, smile, all the while thinking of what might be. Set your mind free and free-associate. Before trying a free association technique, think a little about how we generate ideas. Try to get into the appropriate mind-set and think about how easy it can be to flow from one thought to the next. Then just let your mind go.

Making regular deposits in your memory bank

You may recognize this from your own experience of reading a good book on holiday. Often, a vacation gives you the opportunity to read a book right through in a few days. But, how much of it can you remember a few weeks later Not very much is retained unless you have found some way of keeping the experiences alive in your mind for longer, allowing the patterns of neural connections to become a little more established. Some adults can still remember the details of texts they studied as a young student precisely because their study was spread over a significant period and regularly reviewed.

Multiple intelligences

Here are some simple descriptions of the different characteristics of my ten intelligences. Just by reading them, you will probably be able to see where you have particular strengths and where you are less confident. You may well find several intelligences with which you immediately identify. You may also find bits of some descriptions that seem to apply to you while some elements do not. They are only meant as a guide, to begin to help you see the various facets of your mind that can contribute to your overall success.

Exercise 194 Psychometry

Now enlist the assistance of an enthusiastic or sympathetic friend, one that wants the success of the experiment. Let him take a pebble and wash it with soap and water as well as wash his own hands. Now let him dry his hands as well as the stone. Ask him to hold the stone in his left hand and think strongly about one thing for about a minute. It can be a color, a feeling or an object -- just so he devotes his time thinking only of it and nothing else. Next, have him temporarily put the pebble in a paper bag. Now wash and dry your own hands and lie down and get comfortable. Take the stone out of the bag with your left hand and hold it in your palm. Let your mind go blank. Soon you will get an impression, and with practice it will become more and more accurate.

Exercise 32 Achieving Autonomic Muscle Control Cooling The Forehead

With this exercise, imagine a cool breeze blowing across your forehead. To get the right feeling, actually stand in front of a fan to see how it feels at first. Then afterwards visualize the same feeling in your mind, but don't focus your conscious awareness on your forehead or you will bring about a warm blood flow into the area.

Harnessing Your Creativity

Your brain's tendency to put things into familiar patterns can be unhelpful when you are trying to be creative. Your mind seeks to There is one area of brain science that is particularly interesting with regard to creativity and learning. It is known as the state of flow. Many of you will have had an experience of flow, when you are so caught up in a task that time ceases to matter. Perhaps you found this state when you were wholly engaged in writing something, or painting, or decorating, or involved in a soul-searching discussion. Or, perhaps you achieved it when you were deep in thought, or meditating, or jogging, with your mind able to reach deep inside itself as you pound along. The idea of the state of flow was first described by American scientist Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi. You may also have heard this kind of experience referred to as being in the alpha state. how, to use the language of driving again, shift your mind up a gear and find its most creative speed.

New Method For Learnino Geography

This time, a key image of the state flashes across your mind the famous rock sculptures, known as the Mount Rushmore Monument. Perhaps you've seen it in a magazine or in a film. It's a vague recollection, but it's enough to form a backdrop for your own image, which you are about to create. Look at the word 'Pierre'. What does it suggest Imagine a seaside pier jutting out from the rockface carvings.

Can everyone understand their dreams

Thirdly, you may be unable to interpret one or two recurring elements in your dreams. If this happens, all you have to do is put yourself in the alpha state, and wait for an answer to arise in your mind. Caslant spoke about descending through various levels of consciousness. The upper levels provide you with symbolic images, while the lower levels provide explanations, often in verbal form, of those symbols. Descending means moving from objective to subjective awareness, from the image itself to what it means for you.

Exercise 193 Vibrational Effect On Plants

As an exercise in affecting plants with your mind, plant an identical number of vegetable seeds in 3 different pots. Label one positive, one negative and one neutral. For 5 or 10 minutes each day, bestow loving, encouraging thoughts or blessings and prayer over the positive pot. Visualize strong and healthy growth in the plants. Then communicate emotional thoughts of hate, anger, frustration and discouragement to the negative pot, and ignore the neutral pot entirely. After a few weeks, compare the growth in the pots to see if your emotional thoughts have any observable influence.

Exercise 122 Simultaneous Conversation Awareness

Now converse with someone while listening to a conversation behind you. With practice, this ability will become a lot of fun and you'll find that you'll miss very little of what's going on around you. Practice this in a restaurant with a friend or while walking down a city street. In the beginning, you will consciously have to attend to this process, but later it will require less effort and become more natural to open up your mind to a combination of auditory inputs.

10 How to Increase by 100 Per Cent Everything You Have Learned So

You now have the ability to remember randomly linked items, two sets of ten items, a large number of ordered items (your Roman Room), and twenty-six ordered items. And you can instantly double that capacity by using the 'block of ice' method. Having reached this stage and having by now enormously increased the flexibility of your mind, your abilities to imagine, associate, sense and create are ready to take on and easily master the grandfather of all the systems the Major System, a system that can be used to create - should you so wish - limitless memory systems

Think of a business issue you are wrestling with and use this template on it Does it help

Guy Claxton has explored the idea of soft thinking extensively in his writing. In his book, Hare Brain, Tortoise Mind Why Intelligence Increases When You Think Less, he makes a compelling case for letting your mind work at different speeds. The book offers a wealth of insights into the complex process of learning to learn, for example, that the apparently contradictory sayings Look before you leap and He who hesitates is lost can both be true.

If so what kinds of activities are particularly enhanced by the addition of music

It is not simply the number of hours' sleep that matters. During the day, your mind is constantly taking in new experiences. Our brain needs deep sleep, sometimes called REM sleep (rapid eye movement), when we are also often dreaming. It is at these times that your brain is processing the experiences of the day.

Exercise 103 Improving Your Tactile Discernment

Put flour, salt, sugar, sawdust, cornmeal, sand, etc. into various dishes and feel their consistency without looking at them. Take a small handful of dried peas or beans and by touch alone, determine the number. Now look to see how many there are and close your hand and get the 'feel' of that number in your mind. Do this until it becomes easy. Soon you'll be able to touch the coins in your pocket and identify their denomination, the head from the tail and maybe even discern the date of each coin

Exercise 123 A Multiple Hearing Acuity

Always have a mental set ready for absorbing your auditory information and you'll be surprised how easy it will become to increase your awareness. Learn to visualize sounds and replay them in your mind after you hear them, and your recall of them later will improve. Those older people suffering from memory loss can certainly benefit from these challenging discernment exercises. In fact, many such drugs could be used in conjunction with physical exercise for stroke victims.

Learning by imitation

From your earliest days, when you were trying to copy the words you heard at home and then use them yourself, your brain has always been seeking to copy and imitate what it sees and hears. Then, as you grow up, you say things like Show me how to do it, please, to ensure that you are given the chance to imitate a friend or family member, and, later on, a colleague at work.

Understanding how your memory works

What is actually going on in your mind when you are using your memory is, not surprisingly, extremely complex. Rather than focusing on any one single area, scientists increasingly think that a number of different ones are involved, often almost simultaneously, depending on the particular kind of experience. It seems likely that

The Law of Dominant Effect

This refers to the ideo-motor aspect of suggestion we talked about earlier the conscious mind will rationalize ways to transform any idea accepted by the subconscious mind into a reality. In addition, a stronger or dominant suggestion will take precedence over a weaker one. 1. When the conscious and subconscious minds are in conflict, the subconscious mind will always - without exception - prevail. 2. When the conscious and subconscious minds are in conflict, the subconscious 3. When the conscious and subconscious minds are in agreement, they do not work together - each gains force from the other. 4. The subconscious mind can be directed.

Mind mapping for examinations

Mind Map Back School

Having taken Mind Map notes throughout your course of study, and having reviewed your Mind Maps at the recommended intervals, you should be more than ready for the examination. All you need to translate your excellent knowledge into excellent performance is the correct approach. The first step is to read the examination paper fully, selecting the questions you choose to answer, noting in mini-Mind Maps any thoughts that immediately spring to mind on reading the questions, t Next, you have to decide in what order you are going to answer the questions, and how much time you will devote to each, t Resisting the temptation to start answering the first question in detail straight away, do quick-fire Mind Map bursts on all the questions you intend to answer. By following this procedure, you enable your mind to explore, throughout the examination, the ramifications of all the questions regardless of the particular question you are answering at any given time. tNow go back to your first...

Modern brain research The brain cell

Radiant Thinking

It is in these shimmering and incessant embraces that the infinite patterns, the infinite Maps of your Mind, are created, nurtured and grown. Radiant Thinking reflects your internal structure and processes. The Mind Map is your external mirror of your own Radiant Thinking and allows you access into this vast thinking powerhouse.

Minimind Map Word Exercise

Mini Mind Map One World

Doing the exercises Fill in quickly, with printed single key words on the lines, and without pausing to choose, the first ten associations that radiate from the centre when you think of the concept 'happiness'. It is important to put down the first words that come into your mind, no matter how ridiculous they may seem. This exerdse is not a test and should take you no more than 1 minute.

The Only Real Measure

The good news is that the ideas and principles you are about to learn have been tested and proven in the lives and experiences of millions of people. In themselves, like any principles of nature, they are neutral. Nature plays no favorites. Nature treats everyone alike. Whatever seed you plant in the ground, nature will grow. Whatever thought seeds you plant in your mind, nature will grow as well. It is entirely up to you.

THE mind map a definition

Mind Maps help you to make a distinction between your mental storage capacity, which your Mind Map will help you demonstrate, and your mental storage efficiency, which your Mind Map will help you achieve. Storing data efficiently multiplies your capacity. It is like the difference between a well-packed or badly packed warehouse, or a library with or without an ordering system.

Whole Mind Syntopic Reading

Be aware that if you spend too much time reading in the old manner, you are no longer syntopic reading. Keep teasing your mind so it will behungry to respond to your later requests. If you step back and look at your mind map, you will notice a number of important concepts being addressed. Briefly summarize what you think about the subject so far. It helps to create neutral terminology that removesjargon from ideas presented. Authors may have different words for saying the same thing, and it is your task to create neutral terms of your own. Write your words around the outer edges of your mind map. Explore the books and your mind map for similarities and differences among the various authors viewpoints. You will notice questions that all or most of the authors address in their works themes that they all seem to be presenting. It is easy to get off track and start asking questions instead of finding the questions the experts answer, so keep referring to your map and the books. Jot a note...

Rationale of the mind map laws

Radiant Thinking

Emphasis, as we have already seen, is one of the major factors in improving memory and creativity. All the techniques used for emphasis can also be used for association, and vice versa. The following laws enable you to achieve maximum and appropriate emphasis in your Mind Maps. If a particular word (rather than an image) is absolutely central to your Mind Map, the word can be made into an image by using dimension, multiple colours, and attractive form. ise images throughout your Mind Map If you set aside your fear of being a poor artist, and attempt to draw a butterfly, for example, you may find your first image unsatisfactory. In some instances, you might fail magnificently But the advantage is that you have tried, and the next time you see a butterfly you will want to look at it more closely in order to remember and duplicate it. Thus, by using images in your Mind Maps, you will focus more clearly on Dimension makes things 'stand out', and whatever stands out is more easily...

Make Your Own Dream List

Most people are held back by their self-limiting beliefs. The way you burst these mental chains is with a dream list. The very fact that you can write down something that you would love to have someday means that you probably have within you, right now, the ability to achieve it. Let your mind float freely as you write. There will be lots of time to organize and evaluate your dreams later.

4 The Secret Principles Underlying a Superpower Memory

The rules for perfect memory laid down by the Greeks fit in exactly with the information recently discovered about the left and right brains. Without a scientific basis, the Greeks realised that in order to remember well, you have to use every aspect of your mind. In the following pages of this chapter these rules will be outlined. 7 Sequencing and Ordering. Imagination alone is not enough for memory. In order to function well, your mind needs order and sequence. This helps it to categorise and structure things in such a way as to make them more easily accessible, much in the same way As you progress through the increasingly sophisticated mnemonic systems outlined in the following chapters, you will realise the importance of being sure that the pictures you build in your mind contain only the items you want to remember, and those items must be associated with or connected to Key Memory Images. The connections between your basic Memory System Images and the things you wish to remember...

Exercise 179 Learn Through Time Distortion

By repeating memorized material in a time distorted fashion, valuable associative patterns can be firmly established and conscious recall becomes more available. Using time distortion, problems can be reviewed and approached from all angles in a matter of seconds. Hypothetical lectures, appointments and scenes can be laid out in your mind, prepared for and visualized in a brief amount of time. Kinesthetic body movements in gymnastics or the martial arts can be reviewed in this way as well. Doing 'instantaneous' calculations and high speed mathematics can be learned with time distortion. In a similar way solutions to everyday problems can be achieved effortlessly and quickly. By simple trusting your subconscious mind, you establish a better awareness and faith in your own abilities. Use an audible second-ticking clock or a metronome stroking at 60 beats per minute. Assume a comfortable position in a chair or a bed, and achieve a self-hypnotic state (review Exercise -- Learning...

Center of Creation Imagery

Bring about a feeling of inner relaxation in the whole body concentrate on the body and become aware of the importance of complete stillness. . Develop your awareness of the body from the top of the head to the tips of the toes and say in your mind My mind is still, still, still and my body is relaxed, relaxed, relaxed . . Complete stillness and complete awareness of the whole body say again in your mind My mind is still, still, still and my body is relaxed, relaxed, relaxed. . Continue your awareness of the whole body the whole body the whole body. . Now we begin rotation of consciousness, rotation of awareness by taking a trip through the different parts of the body. Repeat the part in your mind and simultaneously become aware of that part of the body. Keep yourself alert yet avoid concentrating too intensely. Become aware of the right hand. Any thought or intention imagined in this magical space is sure to come into physical manifestation so imagine your life exactly as you desire...

How can you enter the alpha state

Them rediscover the benefits of spiritual practices like meditation or yoga, acting as a bridge between two worlds, that of our modern, technological society, and the world of the ancient sages, with their highly developed understanding of inner processes and the subconscious mind.

Exercise 214 Psionic and Psychotronic Generators

Some researchers have found that producing and synchronizing man-made magnetic waves to the alpha brain wave frequency of 10 cycles per second in a subject could induce suppressed emotional images of fear. If amplified and generated directly at a segment of the population, these ELF waves could potentially manipulate people into producing bizarre behavioral patterns. Most people are already beset with various forms of ELF thought energy from other people around them all day long. This mental noise comes to you in the form of visualizations or voices and might constitute 50 - 75 of your idle thought patterns that often guide many of your impulse reactions. This subliminal entrainment of your mind is augmented constantly with what you see in newspapers and on the TV, and how you interact with other people. To counteract the subliminal entrainment of your mind, question yourself periodically about your actions. Next, consciously clear your mind of all negative thought patterns. Well you...

Whats a Recall Pattern

Suppose you want to remember a group of unconnected items on a shopping list. These might include catsup, lettuce, carrots, celery, toilet paper, beets, oranges and toothpaste. Remembering these eight items without writing them down may be chancy, especially if you have a lot of other things on your mind. But if you link them together into an absurd picture in your mind, remembering becomes much easier.

The Law of Inverse Effort

Think about what happens if you say, I'm going to give it a try. The word 'try' implies a possibility of failure. A suggestion formulated in this way will have a negative effect because it is accompanied by doubt, and it is the aspect of doubt that your subconscious mind will focus on. Result The opposite of what you want to happen will happen.

Exercise 51 Journal Writing For Emotional Calming

Writing in a journal has many advantages. It can clarify your goals and sharpen your thoughts each day about what is important to you and what you really want out of life. Your self-worth is enhanced as you note your daily achievements and joys of life. Problems also seem minimized when they are written down on paper. You will learn to express your feelings better, and when you learn to express your feelings, you strengthen your relationships. Journaling can also be a form of meditation. It can quiet your mind and focus your thoughts. It can reduce your anxiety, cheer you up and make you smile.

The mental laboratory

Think of the mental laboratory as a room, existing in your mind. It has a table, a couch, two chairs, all kinds of audiovisual equipment including a telephone, television, sophisticated speaker system, giant wall screen, etc. There's also a large calendar, a large clock, a computer, a bookshelf, an elevator, a door, a medicine cabinet, and shelves for various tools, musical instruments, and devices.

Intensely Desired Goals

Each morning, after your daily reading, take a few minutes and rewrite your major goals in the present tense, exactly as if they already existed. Take a few seconds after rewriting each goal to visualize it as though it were already accomplished. See each goal in your mind as if it already existed. Then, smile, relax, and let go. By using this method, you will help your goals to materialize exactly when you are ready for them. By writing and rewriting your goals, you burn them deeper and deeper into your subconscious mind. At a certain point, you activate your superconscious mind. At that point, you begin attracting into your life people and circumstances that can help you to achieve them.

Exercise 142 Improve Your Physical Strength In 7 Days

As another exercise, stand facing a partner with your arm extended, palm upward and your wrist on your partner's opposing shoulder. Let your other arm hang by your side. Now ask your partner to bend your extended arm using both his (her) hands to do so. With such poor leverage, he (she) can bend your arm quite easily no matter how hard you try to resist it. Now do it again, but this time consciously relax your arm and extend your fingers as you rest your wrist on his (her) shoulder. Close your eyes and visualize a golden stream of energy flowing through your arm and shooting through your fingers. Now ask your partner to bend your arm again. This time you will find it takes very little effort to resist him (her). Sometimes imagining your arm as a steel beam will accomplish the same thing. This is the power of your mind through visualization in increasing your strength.

Persuasion Techniques

What is persuasion It is the act ofusing argument,reasoning,or appeal to get someone to take a course of action or change his or her point of view. Individuals try to persuade others to do things their way, to think like they think, and even simply to leave them alone. You use persuasion techniques on a daily basis, whether you are aware of it or not. You are also the target of those techniques. Perhaps you decided to ask for a raise. You felt you earned it, and went to your boss with many examples of your work and the positive results you have achieved for your company. In other words, you tried to make her think a certain way (that you are a great employee who deserves a raise) by using evidence and examples to persuade her. But instead of getting a raise, you got to listen to her explain how badly things were going at corporate headquarters. Her job was on the line. Stock prices were down. She knew you would understand, being one of our best and brightest, why she could not...

Exercise 77 Learning To Brainstorm Problems

To facilitate the definition process, write at least 3 additional ways of outlining the problem. What is it you really want or find dissatisfactory in your present situation Realize that all problems appear simple after the solution is found. See in your mind's eye the pleasant outcome to finding the solution. Separate the problem into segments to make the steps in solving it more manageable. And finally, once the pondering has been completed, initiate some kind of action toward achieving results. You'll find that getting started on it carries a momentum that creates a vibration to figuring the rest out along the way. Be courageous and trust in yourself. Everything is far simpler if you look at it that way. Practice internal brainstorming on different problems and soon a free flow of thoughts will become a natural process.

Exercise 199 Speed Reading At Over 2000 WPM

Training your subconscious awareness to acknowledge this peripheral visual input for interpretation by your conscious awareness is the process of speed reading. Also remember that your mind will have the tendency to want to complete things that appear uncompleted (see Exercise -- Completion ). So as the words flow past your eyes, your mind will develop the ability to complete the text as thought forms.

The Path To Forgiveness

When you forgive others and let them go, you soon begin to feel lighter and happier. As the thoughts of anger and resentment fade away, your mind will fill with positive thoughts. You will have more energy and enthusiasm. You will feel stronger and more confident. Your whole future will open up before you, like a summer sunrise.

From OTeach your child to thinkO Edward de Bono

A good way to turn your mental attic of experiences into a treasure room is to use Otrigger conceptsO - words that wll spark a fresh association of ideas in your mind. Like pebbles dropping in a pond, they stimulate other associations, some of which may help you find something new. where it leads you. Open your mind and think wild.

Exercise 82 Developing A Photographic Memory

Before beginning this exercise, you should have mastered and practiced for one full week Exercise -- Concentration and Eidetic Imaging. Lie down and assume a relaxed, comfortable position. Take some deep, abdominal breaths, close your eyes and visualize a large blackboard in your mind's eye. Against the blackboard, imagine a white 12 X 12 square centered about one foot away from you. Hold this image steady and don't allow it to slide around in your mind. Now mentally put a small black circle about 2 inches in diameter in the center of the white square against the black background. Now vaporize the entire image to allow a void in your mind. Observe the images that appear.

Generating New Behaviors

Imagine seeing and hearing yourself on the screen of your mind, enjoying the successful accomplishment of your desired outcome. Make the details as vivid as you like. Allow your mind to be still and quiet as all positive thoughts and feelings become deeply impressed on your inner mind. Simply relax deeper for a few minutes.

Exercise 196 Levitation

Now sit or lie down in a comfortable, relaxed position and take several, deep, abdominal breaths. Progressively relax all the muscles of your body from your toes to your head. With your eyes closed, roll your eyeballs upwards and say, Relax to yourself. Feel your whole body in a relaxed state and clear your mind (review Exercise -- Relaxation For Improved Awareness and Exercise -- Learning Self-Hypnosis ). Now using a mental kinesthetic rhythm, visualize your body pulsing with energy upwards in a slow lifting motion as you inwardly say, Lift Lift, and feel your body acquiring a sense of lightness. Let your mind harmonize its brain wave level with the resonant frequency of the earth at 7.82 cycles per second. The synchrony of the mental affirmation, Lift, with the pulsing visualization upwards takes practice, but eventually your mind body thought process will tangibly manifest itself in a physical way and levitation will be achieved. Once achieved, it will not be difficult to repeat.

Exercise 203 Using Quartz Crystals

If your crystal is small enough, carry it with you wherever you go. Instead of being your 'pet rock,' this can be your 'pet crystal,' but don't let others handle and imprint on it their thought vibrations. You can sleep with it, meditate with it, talk to it or say your prayers with it. The more it is exposed to you, the more attuned to your vibration it becomes. It quickly becomes your friend and your teacher. To some degree, it will even protect you from the negative effects of artificial environments and shield you from negative forces. Since 50 - 75 of all of your scattered thought impressions during the day are derived from ELF (extremely low frequency) waves generated from other entities, a crystal properly tuned to your vibration will help keep your mind clearer of this 'mental noise.' Some people have had their crystal crack when a negative hit was sent in their direction. It can also mirror back negativity in this respect. If you go to sleep holding or putting your crystal...

The Three Ps Of Positive Programming

Your subconscious mind is like a special computer. It can be accessed and activated only with words and commands that are presented in a specific language. It accepts only positive commands that are phrased in the personal, present tense, as though the goal has already been achieved. It knows no past or future tense. My favorite affirmation is, I like myself repeated over and over again in a spirit of complete confidence. When you repeat, I like myself several times per day, you send this message deep into your subconscious mind. The more you like yourself, the higher will be your self-esteem. The higher your self-esteem, the better

Exercise 176 Learning Self Hypnosis

In 1779, Mesmer published his theories and discoveries regarding animal magnetism. By 1825, the procedure was recognized as hypnosis, but not understood. Although still not fully understood, hypnosis has more recently graduated to medicine and dentistry. The power of hypnosis comes via suggestion. Suggestion (positive or negative) can have startling effects on the mind body combination, but how does hypnosis differ from mere suggestion The variable is belief. Positive suggestion during hypnosis is the trigger that initiates the process of belief for a positive outcome. Throughout your day, negative and positive statements repeated enough times create a belief system for the subconscious mind to act upon. During hypnosis, suggestions somehow bypass the normal channels of debatable consideration and are simply accepted and believed. Just how readily they are believed depends upon your already established moral and psychological personality traits. Perhaps there is an area in your mind...

Exercise 3 Defusing Negative Emotional States

Some of you have anchors (words, pictures, actions, etc.) that trigger you into automatic anger or vindictive states of mind. By rewiring these anchors, your undesirable states can be defused and controlled, and more constructive options can be accessed from your mind. For instance, since most people eat out of habit instead of need, you can rewire such programming in your brain through the use of anchors. Don't assume that such habits are beyond your control. Get conscious of the process at work here, so you can replace unwanted anchors with new stimulus response linkages that thrust you directly into the state that you desire. By being aware of your states as they come and go throughout the day, you can begin to change much of your undesirable behavior.

What happens during an alpha seminar

The first exercise is designed to help participants enter the alpha state. You visualize colors, and feel your body getting heavier and heavier. You count down from 10 to 1, feeling an increasing sense of well being. Your mind remains aware while your body is completely relaxed and calm. You learn to control your inner monologue, the thoughts that are constantly running through your mind, often to your own detriment, thoughts like I'm so stupid. or I know I'll screw things up again. or I'll never be able to. and so on. You'll learn how to condition your inner monologue so that it can work for your benefit, replacing negative subconscious programming with positive thoughts like I am attaining my goals. or My concentration is improving. Since the subconscious is particularly receptive while you are in the alpha state, the process of replacing negative conditioning with positive conditioning takes much less time, and is doubly effective.

Question Your Beliefs

The Law of Belief says Whatever you believe, with conviction, becomes your reality. You always act in a manner consistent with your deepest and most intensely held beliefs, whether they are true or not. And all your beliefs are learned. At one time, you did not have them. Your beliefs largely determine your reality. You do not believe what you see you rather see what you already believe. You can have life-enhancing beliefs that make you happy and optimistic, or you can have negative beliefs about yourself and your potential that act as roadblocks to the realization of everything that is truly possible for you.

Exercise 219 The Effect Of Symbols

Using the Greek cross where the vertical and horizontal arms are of equal length, most people do not test weak. Using the Roman cross where the bottom portion of the vertical arm is longer diminishes your strength and you usually test weak. The clockwise swastika was an ancient symbol of prosperity and good fortune before it

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