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"Applied Imagination" Alex Osborn - 1957

Make an idea-prompting poster by printing this page and placing it in a prominent position.

Put to other uses? New ways to use as is?Other uses if modified? Adapt? What else is like this?What other idea does this suggest?Does the past offer parallel?What could I copy?Whom could I emulate? Modify? New twist?Change meaning, color, motion, sound, odor, form, shape?Other shapes? Magnify? What to add?More time?Greater frequency?Stronger?Higher?Longer?Thicker?Extra Value?Plus ingredient?Duplicate? Multiply?Exaggerate? Minify? What to subtract? Smaller?Condensed?Miniature? Lower?Shorter?Lighter?Omit?Streamline?Split up?Understate? Substitute? Who else instead?What else instead?Other ingredient?Other material?Other process?Other power?Other place?Other approach?Other tone of voice? Rearrange? Interchange components?Other pattern?Other layout?Other sequence?Transpose cause and effect? Change pace?Change schedule? Reverse? Transpose positive and negative?How about opposites?Turn it backward?Turn it upside down?Reverse roles?Change shoes? Turn tables?Turn other cheek? Combine? How about a blend, an alloy, an assortment, an ensemble?Combine units? Combine purposes? Combine appeals?Combine ideas?

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