Free form assumption dropping

Assumption dropping is a great way to relax and think of crazy ideas. How would you answer these questions?

What if gravity stopped for one minute every day? What would you do if you didn't have to sleep?

Describe your working week if you only had to go to work (or school) for one day a week? Or one month of the year?

More examples can be found in a document on Escape Thinking.

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This technique is fully described in the book The Art of Creative Thinking by Robert W. Olson and published by Perennial Library (ISBN 0-06-097051-0) 1980. The name is based on the following abbreviation:

Define Open

I dentify Transform

The pattern of the DO IT process emphasises the need to Define problems, Open yourself to many possible solutions, Identify the best solution and then Transform it into action effectively.

The ten DO IT catalysts, designed to help us creatively define, open, identify and transform, are...


Mind Focus Mind Grip Mind Stretch


Mind Prompt Mind Surprise Mind Free Mind Synthesise


Mind Integrate Mind Strengthen Mind Synergise


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