8 Instant Photography was Inspired by Asking the Right Silly Questionwhile other companies come up with the wrong silly answer

Edward Land was taking pictures of his family while on a vacation trip in the southwest. His young daughter asked "Why do we have to wait to see the pictures?" and Land thought to himself "good question!", sketched out some ideas and tried them after he returned to his lab in Boston. The Polaroid Camera and the science of instant photography appeared soon thereafter.

Kodak marketing decided that their customers for cameras and films wouldn't mind "waiting to see their pictures" as they always had. Kodak didn't get involved in the business of instant photography until too late, when development costs and patent infringement suits cost them billions of dollars and a lost market. Kodak then repeated this pattern by first ignoring customer interest in video cameras and most recently ignoring customer interest in low cost digital cameras with built in view screens. G1G1

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