2The Synectic Trigger Mechanisms

Synectic Trigger mechanisms catalyse new thoughts, ideas and inventions Synectic Theory is based on disruptive thinking - similar to the PO operation of Edward de Bono

The creative process is a matter of continually separating and bringing together, bringing together and separating, in many dimensions - affective, conceptual, perceptual, volitional and physical - Albert Rothenberg

3. The Synectic Ways of Working

Synectics is based on the fusion of opposites Synectics is based on analogical thinking

Synectics is Synergistic. Its action produces a result which is greater than the sum of its parts.

The world is totally connected. Whatever explanation we invent at any moment is a partial connection, and its richness derives from the richness of such connections as we are able to make. - Jacob Bronowsku

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