11 Readyfireaim Dont Assume the First Solution to a Problem or the First Product Design is the Best or Only

Tom Peters, in his book "In Search of Excellence" observes that successful companies [and individuals] have a bias towards action, doing short experiments to feel out new technologies or markets and then quickly revising their plans and goals based on what they learn. They admit in advance they don't know all the answers and expect to be surprised. Similarly they avoid an emotional or ego fixation on their first plans or prototypes.Tom Peters describes this process as: "Do it. Try it. Fix it."or, in other words, "Ready! [or not]: Fire! Aim!".

This rule is very context dependent and frequently misinterpreted in the literature, particularly by quality management experts who believe that a failure in a product prototype or the failure in a trial marketing plan is equivalent to poor quality. G8G8

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