Your Own Mental Computer Printout Model Slash and Linear Recall Patterns




Thematic materials; almost any plot- or idea-centered material following a progressive or growth pattern.

Logical pattern of writing. Many text-and casebooks.

Logical pattern of writing. Many text-and casebooks.






Material with one or two main ideas or centers of attention.

Geometric radial pattern good for memorable use of:


YOUR OWN "MENTAL COMPUTER PRINTOUT" Model Pictorial Recall Patterns


That material which impresses the reader as having a high degree of unity—a unity triggered by a pictorial design.

Caution: A simple drawing will serve best. Complication and refinement in the sketch is not helpful. Three basic rules of making something memorable:

(2) put it in motion mentally; and

More on the slash. The slash structure is perhaps the most popular and useful of all the recall patterns. You draw the basic slash line diagonally, beginning at the bottom of the left-hand corner of your note paper and ending at the upper right-hand corner. This line represents the major topic of your reading.

Then, after each time through the assigned material, you should make changes, if necessary, and add more branches or sub-branches to the main slash line. Subheadings and boldfaced or highlighted materials may be placed on these lines.

With important nonfiction textbooks, one page in your notebook is usually enough for each chapter. On the other hand, less important nonfiction books and many novels may only require one page for the whole text.

As I mentioned earlier, a major advantage of the slash, and of other recall patterns, is that you can see at a glance your notes on all the material covered in a given segment of reading. The material will automatically be organized logically: Subheadings will branch off the main topic and sub-subheadings will shoot off those branches.

If the author has included material on one subtopic in several locations in the text, your slash recall pattern will enable you to insert it all under one of your branches. You'll thus have it available for review in one spot, rather than spread out over piles of disorganized notes.

To give you an idea of how easily organization can be achieved with a slash recall, look at how it works with a long, assorted shopping list. If every complicated list were organized this way, think how much more efficient shopping would be. Using this approach, you can group related items together for ease in shopping.

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