The Question Mark

This motion, which looks like a question mark, can be used for a fast review of material during the preview or even the overview stage. This movement can easily be executed at a rate of 2—4 seconds per page. With practice, it can be completed at a rate of one second a page.

Caution: When some people begin to move their hands faster on a page, they may irritate or even blister the tips of their fingers. You can avoid this discomfort by keeping very light contact with the page or executing the motion above the page when you move at very high speeds. How to execute the motion:

1. Place your palm on the page, with your thumb close to or tucked under the palm.

2. Your fingers should be relaxed and spread slightly, with the hand relatively flat on the page.

3. Begin the movement a line or two from the top of the upper left-hand side of the page. Proceed to sweep across the entire page with one large question-mark-shaped hand motion. Your hand movement should end at the center of the bottom of the page.

4. Again, don't worry about trying to lock your eyes on the precise route you trace with your fingers. Remember, a major purpose of hand motions is simply to keep your eyes moving on the page, regardless of where your hand is.

5. Repeat with subsequent pages.

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The Art Of Cold Reading

The Art Of Cold Reading

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