The Loop Hand Motion

This movement, like the X motion, can be used for materials like newspapers or journal articles that are printed in columns. But unlike the X, the loop involves tracing curved, rather than angular turns on the page.

Some people prefer this motion for reading and previewing assignments on book-size pages. How to execute the motion:

1. Begin with the index or middle finger at the upper left-hand corner of the page. Sweep this finger down three to five lines and across the page diagonally to the right margin.

2. Next, move the finger up in a slightly curving motion two or three lines along the right margin.

3. Then execute a sharp curve and guide your finger down four to six lines across the page until you reach the left margin.

4. Finally, trace a slight curved line two or three lines up the left-hand margin.

5. Then execute another sharp curve and move the finger down diagonally across the page as you did in Step 1.

6. Repeat this pattern until you've finished the page.

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