Stage 4 Reorganize Information into One Master Recall Pattern

Now is the time to gather together the recall patterns and index cards on all the information you've compiled. Your objective is to use this raw material to formulate a master recall pattern.

Obviously, this master pattern, which will serve as your basic outline and guide for writing the paper, can't contain every detail that you've collected in your research. Rather, you should focus on the main topics and main subheadings.

As you draw the new, overall pattern, however, you'll probably want to refer somehow in your notes to the more detailed, smaller patterns that you've drafted. This way, you can prompt your memory about what idea or fact comes from what source. (Beth, for example, used a book by an author named Smith, so she made a couple of notations to Smith with appropriate page numbers.) In any case, be sure to save all your recall patterns and other notes so that you can use them as you work on your drafts of the paper.

Because this master pattern will contain many different concepts and ideas, you may want to draw it on an oversized sheet of paper. (Or, as you'll see in a later section describing an alternative approach used by a top teacher, you might link the various recall patterns together into a kind of scroll.)

For now, let's assume that you're drawing one master recall pattern on a large sheet of paper, with short notations that refer back to other recall patterns. When you've finished this phase, you're finally ready to begin writing.

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