Teach Your Child To Read

Teaching Your Child to Read

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I'm especially grateful to the following people:

Evelyn Wood, who pushed through the knowledge frontier and in the process helped millions of people recognize their own achievement potential.

Dan Warner, for his personal commitment to the Evelyn Wood method over the past two decades, and for his contributions to the many vignettes throughout the book.

William Proctor, who has spent countless hours assisting the author with field interviews and manuscript development.


Introduction ix

J. Mental Soaring: The Secret to Success 3

2. The First Step Toward Mental Soaring: "Subsonic" Reading 19

3. Mapping Out Your Academic Flight Plan 42

4. The Takeoff for Rocket-Powered

Reading and Learning 67

5. How to Fly with Your Hands 88

6. Preparing Your Own "Mental

Computer Printout" 109

7. The Secret of Merging with Your

Instructor's Mind 129

8. Supersonic Writing 140

9. How Fast Can You Go? 158

10. The Thrill of the Final Test Flight:

Using Your New Skills to Ace the Exam 175

W. Shooting For the Stars 199

Index 20S


Ordinary reading skills won't do in today's world because there is too much information and too little time to assimilate it. If you read at the average speed of 250 words per minute, you're at a major disadvantage trying to take in the facts and concepts you need to perform well in school or on the job. For that matter, you're at a severe disadvantage even at speeds of 400-600 words per minuteā€”a rate that's in the top range for the most experienced students and adults.

So what is the solution to this dilemma?

After years of experience as an educator and publishing executive, I've become convinced that the techniques we've developed at Evelyn Wood are by far the best response to the information explosion. Furthermore, our approach provides the fastest, most effective path to superior academic achievement.

For the first time in a book for the general public, I'm unveiling all the secrets that have made the completely revised Evelyn Wood dynamic learning program so effective and popular. As a result of this candor, we hope to intro duce millions of additional people to the exciting possibilities of Mental Soaring, as I call the dynamic learning experience.

Our goal for the nation's students is bold, to say the least: We want record numbers to achieve "supersonic" reading skills and honors-level academic performance. Yet I'm convinced that this goal can be realized if you practice the principles set forth in these pages.

High school and college students and their parents will initially evince the most interest in this book. On the other hand, even fifth-graders have been very successful in employing our reading and learning techniques.

As for adults, men and women of all ages and in every occupation can benefit, especially from the discussions on speed reading, improving comprehension and scientific note-taking. And of course, there are millions of adults who have taken the original Evelyn Wood courses over the years and who may want to brush up on old skills or perhaps learn new ones.

Now, as you prepare for the exciting adventure of Mental Soaring, I want to encourage you to leave behind all your preconceptions about reading, learning, studying and academic achievement. There are no ceilings to what you can accomplish so long as you're ready and willing to let the natural power of your mind move you toward a new realm of intellectual reality.


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Helping Your Child Learn To Read

Helping Your Child Learn To Read

When parents help their children learn to read, they help open the door to a new world. As a parent, you can begin an endless learning chain: You read to your children, they develop a love of stories and poems, they want to read on their own, they practice reading, and finally they read for their own information or pleasure. They become readers, and their world is forever expanded and enriched.

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