Principle 3 Operate at the Test Site as You Have When Studying

Test day is not the time to try new approaches to writing, new ways of staying alert or innovative academic skills. A seasoned tennis player would never try to play an important match with a new racket without first practicing with that racket and learning all its characteristics and peculiarities. Instead, he would rely on the racket and other equipment that had worked for him in the past. Similarly, a student should stay away from untried techniques or unusual practices that may throw him off stride in taking the test.

For example, if you've been studying and taking tests with a pencil and paper in the past and you're just learning how to type, you should stick with the pencil and paper. Eventually, after you've gained experience with a portable typewriter or word processor, or with typewriters or word processors provided at the test site, these tools can be extremely helpful in taking exams. But for the inexperienced under the time pressures of a school exam, they can quickly lead to disaster.

I'd also suggest that if you've become accustomed to drinking coffee while you study, you should have some coffee just before you take your test. Or, if it's allowed, you may want to bring a cup into the exam room.

In general, whatever habits you've observed while studying, try to bring them into the exam room as much as possible. This familiarity with certain study tools and habits will enhance your ability to perform at a maximum level, and will also help reduce test anxieties.

Now, with these preliminary preparations out of the way —and motivated by just enough nervousness, but not too much—you're ready to take your final test flight.

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The Art Of Cold Reading

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