Matching Tests

Matching tests have items listed in two columns. The first column might be a list of terms, and the second a list of definitions. Each item in the left column must then be matched with the correct item in the right column.

The following steps can help test-takers improve their performance on this type of test:

1. Check to see if there are the same number of items in each column. Often, the right column will contain more items than the left. But you're in luck if the numbers are equal. It's always easier to answer matching questions when there are the same number of items in both columns.

2. Select the first item in the left column, and try to find its matching partner in the right column. Then, record the number of the matching item in the appropriate place, draw a connecting line between the items, or follow other instructions you've been given.

If you are only supposed to write the number of the correct item in a box next to the left-hand list, be sure to check off that item on the right-hand column before you move on to the next one. Otherwise you may give the same answer twice. In any case, by checking the items off, you can tell quickly which ones remain, and that will speed up your completion of the test.

3. Match all the items that you are sure fit together.

4. Match all the items that you think might fit together.

5. Finally, check the left column once more to see which items are left and match those with the right-column items that remain.

6. Keep moving! The chances are that mulling over questions of this type won't enhance your ability to arrive at the right answer. And if you're "stuck" on a question for too long, you'll just reduce your chances of getting the right answers on later items.

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