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Power Quadrant System

About the creators, Ric & Liz, Publishers Healthy Wealthy nWise Magazine:

They used to be just like everybody else, stuck into the need of fitting in the workflow and having to do things that the body is not accustomed to or made to do. They had many breakdowns and they had a lot of responsibility in their hands. The code that the calendar had completely changed their life to the better, they were finally able to do things that their DNA has designed them to do. The message of this product that Ric and Liz have tried to send is that they want to make this calendar and code available to everyone so they do not have to go through a life that they are not going to be happy in, they want to make sure that you are not going to waste time on life doing jobs and occupations that your DNA did not dictate. They have spent the past ten years tracking down the details and origins of the code, researching the calendar's history and creators and how to use it, and then testing the code on themselves and a few other people. 

After all this hard work, Liz and Ric have finalized the product into a system that you can use Power Quadrant System. This was finalized into an easy audio system that you can listen to any time of the day, anywhere.

About the product, Power Quadrant:

Most of us have either experienced feeling out of place or seen someone who is doing something that totally does not suit them. This day and age force us to do things that are alien to us, when in fact, other things that we are better suited for us are just sitting there. For instance, you often see a smart person doing a job or an occupation that requires no mental activity, or you see a very strong endurant individual doing a job that requires him to sit down in an office letting all his skills and ability just fade away. This has to do with things that our body does best, and this decision is usually taken at the beginning of a person's life, they decide whether they want to become a lawyer of an Olympic athlete, an accountant or a writer. Nevertheless, there are people right now well over their 30s and they are just doing things they were supposed to do with this product here. These people have found out about this product and quit their job and now they are doing things they were supposed to do decades ago, and they could not be any happier.

This product will let you about who you truly are, your essence and base nature through DNA rooting, our DNA is basically a code for who we truly are, that is why we see people who excel at certain things, each one of us has something that we excel at, something that they can be very good at, this ability might have manifested itself, but this product here will help you find your true calling. Through Power Quadrant you will have access to a calendar that will show you who you truly are, your special talent and your true power. You will be getting the history of archaeology of the stone discovered in the 1600s by Spanish conquistadores. This is not the calendar that we are all familiar with, this is something that has been used for tens of centuries, but is now hidden. You can even notice this by the fact that we have wrong names for certain months like "Octo"ber, and the fact that we have leap years and days. The new calendar we have now is missing many things. 

The calendar that you will be getting with the product is something that will show you even who you should marry, your best compatibility with a person, who you are, what is your best talent and what you should be doing in life to excel. What is also very helpful is knowing the calendar for your loved ones as well. You can now decipher your DNA code and your true identity like the creators of this product have done, and it only takes less than an hour. Thanks to this product, you will be getting:

  • know if your current job is good or bad for you
  • what can make you feel most alive
  • your children's codes
  • meaningful relationships with people who respect and respond lovingly to you
  • your best type of work
  • what you've been longing to hear about your personality 
  • your most and least compatible people 
  • your soul mate's code
  • your powers that are hidden
  • special talents
  • the perfect life path based on who you are
  • Be confident about your path in life

This a no miss chance for you, you will get to know about who you truly are you truly are supposed to be. You will get all the information that you need to know in an easily downloadable file for you to listen at anytime and anywhere, you will also be getting papers to print or keep in your laptop. All these great benefits will come with many other gifts that will come right at you once you hit the purchase button, this product is also very easy to understand and you do not need any technical skills to make it work, all the information is well guided.  This product has been tested by many people who have a great deal of knowledge in the subject of self-improvement and personal growth, they have used it on themselves and recommended it to other people who also had success with it. This will get right to the point and it will give you the information you have been looking for, all these years that you have been lost in life doing things your body and DNA are not designed to do, it does not matter where you are in life, no matter what age you are in, you will find your true self once again with Power Quadrant System. A mere 53 minutes of audio file that you can listen to anytime and few papers will change your life to the better.

Power Quadrant System
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