f 'k, c, g' 'm' and 'k,c,g'. Our task here is to make up either one word which contains these letters in order, two short words which also contain these letters in order or four words, the initial letter of which represents the number we are trying to remember. In the case of the butcher the last of these choices is probably the best. We select v, g, m, and hard c to give us ' Very Good Meat Cuts'. We could of course, substitute 'Fairly' for 'Very' and 'Gory' for 'Good' etc.

As practice on these items is always important, take a quick look again at the people and their numbers, noting the letters. When you have practised them, consider the following suggestions for each one—I am sure that many of you will be able to create some most original methods!

Your dentist—NAH-9107. The initial letters 'NAH' could form the phrase Weedles Always Hurt' or Wasty And horrible!' The letters we have to choose from are (9107) 'p,b', 't,d', 's,z, or soft c', and 'k,g. hard c etc.'. One two-word combination that we might use for this is 'Bad Suck' because people with toothaches often tend to suck at the painful tooth. A four word suggestion of a more positive nature is 'Pain Does Certainly Go' (or 'Come' if you still feel none too kindly toward your dentist!).

Your bank manager—CAM-5923. The letters might be used in the phrases 'Cash And .Money' or, if he has just refused you a loan, 'Crabby And Mean!' The numbers translate to the letters 'l', 'm', 'n', 'm' which in view of the second phrase, might well be translated into 'Lent Me No Money!'

Your doctor—HOB-3981. The initial letters could be remembered either by 'HOBble' or 'Heals Our Backs (or .Bones)'. The numbers translate to 'm', 'p,b', 'f,v' and 't,d,th'. An obvious linking phrase is 'Makes Pain Feel Setter'.

Your local grocer—CEL-8801. The letters fit neatly into the word 'CELlery', or with a bit of a stretch, into 'Cabbages, .Extra Leafy'. The numbers translate to the letters 'f,v', 'f,v', 's, z soft c', and 't,d,th'. A phrase from this is 'Very Fine Celery and Tomatoes'. The initial word could be changed to 'Fairly' or 'Few' and the second to 'Fowl!'.

Your local chemist—BOT-9939. The initial letters could be remembered either as the first three of the word 'BOTtle' or as the first letters of 'Bottles Of Toxins!' or 'Boxes Of Tissues'. The numbers translate to 'p,b', 'p,b' 'm', and 'p,b. A sug gested four word phrase is 'Potions, Poisons, Medicines and


Your tennis partner—SER-4112. The initial letters can be remembered as the first three letters of the word 'SERve'. The numbers translate to the letters 'r', 't,d,th', 't,d,th', and 'n'. Our memory phrase here might be '.Rarely Touches The Net'.

Your plumber—LEA-8519. As with the grocer and tennis partner the first three letters fit conveniently into the word 'LEAk!. The numbers translate to the letters 'f,v', l', 't,d,th', and 'p,b'. Our memory phrase could either be 'Fixes Leaks, Drips and Plumbing' or 'Faulty Lines, Taps and Pipes'.

Your local pub—PMB 1427. The initial letters are difficult to make into a word, but can be used in such three letter phrases as '^bblicans Manage Beer. The numbers translate to 't,d,th', 'r', 'n', and 'k, g, hard c etc' In this case there is no need to make up a phrase—we can contain it all in the one word 'Drink'.

Your garage—TRK 9340. As with the number section of the telephone number of your local pub this group of letters need not be made into separate words. The word 'TRuCK' perfectly conveys the first three letters. The number translates to 'p,b' 'm', 'r', and 's,z, soft c'. This can be put into the phrase 'Broken Motor Repair Service'.

The examples given above are of course very particular, and it will now be up to you to apply the system outlined to the telephone numbers which are important for you to remember.

In some cases the telephone number may have no letters in it at all, as may soon be the general case in Britain when the all-digit number system is completely introduced. This will present no extra difficulty, as you simply have three initial numbers instead of three initial letters, and these three numbers themselves will be translatable into letters.

In some cases the combination of numbers may present a greater than usual difficulty, and 'appropriate' phrases or words may be almost impossible to devise. In such cases the solutions are still fairly simple.

In the first case, you may make up inappropriate words out of the numbers you have to deal with, and then use the basic system, making absurd and exaggerated images which you link with the person whose telephone number you are trying to remember.

For example, if the telephone number of one of your friends whose hobby is cricket is 411-4276 you would take the Major System word for 41 which is 'rat', the Major word for 142 which is 'drain', and the Major word for 76 which is 'cage'. Your image for remembering this number would be of your friend swatting a rat instead of a cricket ball and of the rat flying through the air landing in a drain, the iron grill of which is similar to the bars of a cage!

The telephone number memory system is easy and enjoyable to practice, once you have mastered it. As with all other systems, it requires practice, so before you proceed to the next chapter make sure you have committed to memory at least 10 numbers which are important to you.

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