The Numbersound System

Now that you have learned about the history of memory, about the ideas of association, about the Link system, and the first small Peg system, you are ready to progress to the next small Peg system and to a few slightly more sophisticated Peg systems.

Because of the knowledge you are building up as you go along these systems will be introduced without too much preliminary explanation as the principles already discussed are common to all of them.

The Number-Sound system is almost identical to the Number-Shape system except that (and this you may have already guessed.) we think of nouns or noun-verbs which are similar in sound to the number.

As in Chapter 3 I am going to list the numbers from 1-10, leaving a blank beside each number for you to pencil in the rhyming images which you think are best for each number. Make sure that the images will be good memory hooks for you.

As an aid, the word which nearly everyone uses for number 5 is 'hive', the images being associated with this varying from one enormous bumble bee leaving the hive to a sky-covering swarm of monster bees!

As practice in linking and creative thinking has probably already improved your mental capacity give yourself not five minutes as previously, but three minutes to fill in the Number-Sound memory word list from 1-10.

Number Number sound memory word

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