The Major System

The Major system is the ultimate in the development of the peg systems discussed earlier. It is a system which has been in use for over 400 years, although it has been continually improved since the middle of the 17th century, when it was introduced by Stanislaus Mink von Wesnnsshein. Von Wennsshein's basic construction was modified in the early 18th century by Doctor Richard Grey, an Englishman.

The system makes use of a different consonant or consonant sound for each number from zero to ten as follows:

1 =

t, d, th

2 =


3 =


4 =


6 = 7 =

j, sh, ch, dg, soft g k, ch, hard c, hard g, ng, q

8 =


9 =


o =

s, z, soft c

To save you the trouble of remembering these by rote, there are simple little remembering devices:

1. The letters t and d have one down stroke.

2. The letter n has two down strokes.-

3. The letter m has three down strokes.

4. The letter r is the last letter in the word four.

5. The letter 1 can be thought ofas either the roman numeral for 50 or the shape of a spread hand which has five spread fingers.

6. The letter L is the mirror image of 6.

7. The letter k, when seen as a capital, contains two number sevens!

0 0

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