The Alphabet System

The Alphabet system is another Peg system similar in construction to the Number-Shape and Number-Sound systems; but instead of using numbers, it uses the 26 letters of the alphabet.

Its advantage is that it enables you to remember 26 objects, its only disadvantage being that most people find it hard to reel off the alphabet in reverse order, or to know immediately the number order of a given letter in the alphabet.

As with the two number systems, I suggest you first construct your own list, then compare it with alternative suggestions, and finally select your own list to be entered in the memory box.

The method of constructing your Alphabet memory system is as follows: Select a word that starts with the actual sound of the letter, is visually outstanding, and comes first in the dictionary.

For example, for the letter 'L' it would be possible to use elastic, elegy, elephant, elbow, and elm, etc. If you were looking up these words in the dictionary, the first one you would come to would be elastic, and that is therefore the word you would choose.

The reason for this rule is that ifyou should ever forget your alphabet word, you can mentally flick through the letters in order, rapidly arriving at the correct word. In the example given, ifyou had forgotten your word, you would try el'a' and would immediately be able to recall your first word—elastic!

Another rule in the construction of the Alphabet memory system is that if the letter itself makes a word (for example 'I' makes 'eye') then that word should be used. In some cases it is possible to use meaningful initials instead of complete words, for example D.D.T.

I have listed the letters of the alphabet. Paying close attention to the rules for constructing the system, pencil in your own Alphabet system words.

Letter Alphabet memory word

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