Telephone Number Memory System

Most people 'just can't' remember telephone numbers! In order to overcome this disability they employ ail kinds of elaborate systems (and some not so elaborate), ranging from the person who keeps card files of the numbers he needs to remember and carries these around with him, to the one who jots down numbers on odd pieces of paper and is continually ringing the wrong person!

Remembering telephone numbers is actually not difficult at all as long as we remember the number-letter correspondence from the major system. All that is necessary is to substitute a letter for the number we wish to remember. Having done this, we make up association words that link the number to the person.

Let us try this with the ten people from the initial test:

In these examples we have letters as well as numbers to deal with, but these will prove of little difficulty as you shall soon see.

The butcher's number—HSM-8737—starts with the letters 'HSM'. These letters can be remembered in a variety of ways, but the ones which immediately spring to mind are: 'He. Sells .Meat' and 'Ham, Sausages, .Mince'. The numbers we have to deal with are 8737 which can be converted to 'v or

Your local butcher Your dentist Your bank manager Your doctor Your local grocer Your local chemist Your tennis partner Your plumber Your local pub Your garage

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