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situations where you might be trying to remember a long number which contains the same two-digit sequence more than once. You don't have to repeat the same word, but can use another word representing the same number!

Another advantage of this memory system is that you don't have to learn the memory words by heart since they are 'self coding'. They will pop into your mind instantly as long as you know the rules!

Up to this point in the Chapter you have been given a lot of detailed information which at the moment you may have found a little bit difficult to absorb completely. It is advisable now to review quickly the entire Chapter, consolidating those areas which have given you some trouble. To assist you in further consolidation, I have randomly listed the numbers from 1-100 on the next two pages so that you can readily test yourself in either remembering the words on the grid or 'self coding' your own.

When you have completed the Skipnum grid to your satisfaction take the plunge and try to remember 100 items. You will find to your surprise that it is not really much more difficult than remembering twenty! When you are confident test yourself with your friends.

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