Memory Test

Few people ever put their memory to the immediate test, and it is for this reason that most are unaware of the limits and habits of their mind's work.

The tests that follow should not be too difficult, but because of the way we are trained (or not trained!) in school, the simple tasks you will presently attempt will in some cases prove very very difficult and in others almost impossible!

Do not worry about poor performance, since it is the purpose of this book to make the memorisation of all items in the following tests an easy and enjoyable exercise.

Looking at this situation from a positive point of view, the more difficulty you experience now, the greater will be your improvement by the time you have completed this book!

link test

Read the list of 20 objects once through, and then immediately cover it or close the book. On a separate piece of paper write down as many of them as you can remember, attempting to get them in the correct order.

Score yourself in two ways: first the number of items you remembered out of 20, and second, the number of items that you listed in the correct order (if you reversed certain items they are both wrong with regard to the second score!).

Cup Shop

Chimney pot Judge Suitcase Toe

Mountain Star Couch Ice cream











Score: Number remembered

Number in correct order

0 0

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