Long Number Memory System

Give a long number such as 95862190377 to someone to remember and he will try: to repeat it as you present it to him, eventually getting bogged down in his own repetition; to subdivide it into two-or-three number groups, eventually losing the order and content of these; to work out mathematical relations between the numbers as you present them, inevitably getting confused; or to 'picture' the number as it is presented, the photograph in his mirid always becoming blurred!

If you think back to the initial test in which you were asked to perform a feat like this, you will probably recall your own approach.

Remembering long numbers is really quite simple if you apply the Major System. Instead of using this system as a word system to remember objects, it is possible to use the basic words of the system itself to recall the numbers from which they are made.

Let us take the number at the top of the page. It is composed of: 95—ball 86—fish 21—net 90—base 37—mac

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