917. Bedding._

918. Beatify. To make happy or blessed; to declare that a person is blessed with eternal _happiness._

920. Bans. Curses; interdicts; prohibitions; _sentence of outlawry._

923. Benumb. To make numb or torpid, insensible or _powerless._

925. Banal._Trivial, trite, stale, commonplace._

926. Bannish,_

928. Banf. A mountainous area in western Canada in the Rocky Mountains famous for its _beauty and excellent skiing slopes.

931. Pomade. A scented ointment, originating from apples, for the hair and skin of the _head._

932. Bemoan. Weep or express sorrow for or over; to _lament or bewail._

933. Beam Maker._

934. Bemire._To get stuck in wet mud._

935. Pommel. A rounded knob, especially at the end of a swordhilt; to beat with the _fists._

936. Bombshell._

937. Beaming._

938. Bumf. Odds and ends; disorganised stuff; _waste; rubbish._

943. Brim.

944. Barrier.

945. Barrel.

944. Barrier.

945. Barrel.

946. Barge. .

947. Bark.

948. Brief.

949. Bribe.

950. Blaze.

951. Bald.

952. Balloon.

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