like a Duke.)




179. Decapitate.

180. Deface.

181. Defeat.

182. Divan.

183. Defame.

To speak evil of; to slander.

184. Diver.

185. Defile.

186. Devotion.

187. Defeat.

188. Two Frisky Fillies. (Imagine them in a field or memorable enclosure.)

189. Two Frightened Boys. (Perhaps being chased by _188!)_

190. Debase.

191. Debate.

192. Debone.

To lower in character, quality, or value.

To pick the bones out of—usually from

193. Whitebeam. A tree with long, silvery underleaves.

194. Dipper. (Imagine the Big Dipper star _constellation.)_

196. Debauch.

197. Dipping.

To corrupt or lead astray, from temperance or chastity.

(Imagine someone being dipped forcibly into water, as the medieval torture.)

(Imagine a stain or blood being 'dabbed off with cotton wool.)_

199. Depip. To take the pips out of (imagine a _pomegranate!)._

201. Nosed.

Sniffed or smelled out—often applied to hunting animals.

202. Insane.

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