332. Mammon.

The Syrian God of riches; wordly wealth.

338. Mummify. To preserve the body by embalming.

341. Maraud. To make a plunderous raid; to go about _pilfering._

348. Morphia._The narcotic principle of opium._

351. Malt_

354. Miller_

355. Molehill._

356. Mulish. (Imagine anything that is characteristic _of a mule.) _

358. Mollify. To soften, assuage, appease.

360. Matches.

362. Machine.

363. Mishmash. A jumble; a hodge podge; a medley.

365. Mesh Lock. (Imagine something like a gear cog meshing and locking, or a lock that _operates by an intricate mesh.)_

366. Magician._

368. Much Force._

378. Make Off. To hurry away, as a thief from the _scene._

381. Mufti. An expounder of Mohammedan law; _civilian dress as opposed to uniform.

383. Movement._

384. Mayfair._

387. Maffick._To celebrate uproariously._-

388. Mauve Feet._

389. Movable._

390. Mopes._Sulks; being dull or out of spirits.

391. Moped._Having completed 390!_

392. Embank._To throw up a bank; protect by a bank.

393. Wampum. Name for money-beads and shells _used by North American Indians._

398. Impavid. Fearless; bold; intrepid._

399. Imbibe. To drink in; absorb (often used of _liquor)._'

400. Recess.

403. Resume*. A summing up; a condensed statement;

a summary.

405. Wrestle._

408. Receive._

409. Rasp. To rub with a coarse file; to utter in a

411. Radiate._

412. Rattan. Indian climbing palm with long, thin, _many-jointed pliable stem._

414. Radar. (Imagine 'beaming in' on some object _in the sky.)_

417. Reading._

418. Ratify. To settle, confirm, approve, establish.

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