662. Jejune.

Bare, meagre, empty, attenuated; void of interest.

663. Judgement.

664. Judger.

665. Jewishly.

665. Jewishly.

666. Choo-choo-choo. An especially puffy steam engine 1

667. Joshing._Good-natured leg-pulling or joking.

668. Jehoshaphat. A king of Israel. _

669. Shoe Shop.

670. Checks.

671. Checked.

672. Chicken.

673. Checkmate. A position in the game chess in which opponent's king is trapped. The end of _the game._

674. Checker._

675. Chuckle._

677. Checking._

678. Chekhov. Famous Russian Author of short _stories and plays._

680. Chafes. Excites or heats by friction; wears by _rubbing.___

686. Chiff Chaff. One of the British warbling birds.

687. Chafing._

689. Shaveable._

691. Chapter.

692. Japan.

693. Chapman._

694. Chopper._

696. Sheepish._








Kiss Owch!_

Cohesive. With the quality of sticking together, said especially of 'sticky tape' and molecules.

Cusp. The point at which two branches of a curve meet and stop; the pointed end, especially of a leaf.



Gotham._A typical foolish town; New York City.

Catarrh. A discharge from the mucous membrane caused by a cold in the head; _the condition resulting from this._




Cadaver._A corpse._

Cut-up. Colloquial for 'knife fight' in which one _or both antagonists are injured.

721. Cant. Affected, insincere speech; the fashion of speech of a sea; to speak with _whining insincerity._

723. Economy._

726. Conjure._

727. Conk._Colloquial for 'to bang on the head*.

729. Canopy._A covering over a bed or a throne.

730. Cameos. Pieces of relief carving in stone and agate, etc. with colour-layers utilized to _give background._

733. Commemorate._

736. Garnish. In a plucky or rumbustious mood; of _the quality of birds of game._

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