letter or letter word and not simply the letter itself. For example 'ant', 'bottle', 'case', 'dog', and 'eddy' would not be correct memory words because they do not start with the sound of the letter as it is pronounced in the alphabet.

Having re-checked your own words, now compare them with the following list of suggestions, and when you have done so select your final list and print it clearly in the Alphabet memory system box. As before cross out your own list and the list of suggestions when you have finished with them.

A Ace,—those of you with knowledge of American history might use Abe. B Bee—the letter makes a word; this is the word that should be used. C See—the same rule applies.

D Deed (legal)—the initials D.D.T. may be preferable. E Easel F Effigy

J Jay—a gaily coloured member of the crow family. K Cage

L Elastic, or elbow if you pronounce elastic with a long 'e'. M Ember N Enamel O Oboe

P Pea—first alphabetically! Q Queue R Arch S Eskimo

T Tea—or perhaps T-square. U U-boat—'you' is too vague

V Vehicle, or the initials V.D.

W Wolf—the sound here is difficult; the initials W.G

can be used instead. X X-ray

Y Wife

Now make your final choices and enter them in the memory box.

Letter Final Alphabet memory word

0 0

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