440. Roars.

441. Reared.

442. Rareness.

443. Rearman.

444. Rarer. 445- Rarely. 446. Rare Show.

A radio-active white metallic element.

A rivulet or gutter.

Run Off. A deciding, final contest; a gutter or _spillway._

Remus. One of two brothers suckled by a wof—

one of the founders of Rome.

Rammer. An armoured point on the prow of a _ship._

Rommel. - Notorious German war leader.

Ramify. To form branches or subdivisions or offshots. t

The last man in a column or file.

447. Rearing.

448. Rarefy.

449. Rarebit.

450. Release.

451. Railed.

453. Realm.

454. Roller.

457. Relic.

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