As in the last chapter, I now want you to test yourself with four chosen Number-Sound word. Close your eyes and mentally run through the numbers in order, linking each number mentally with the Number-Sound memory word you have selected. Next run through the numbers in reverse order again linking them with your chosen word, and finally pick numbers randomly and as quickly as you can, linking as you go. Spend about five minutes on this exercise now.

This list can be used in exactly the same way as the Number-Shape list, although many of you will have already realised that in a way you already possess the ability to remember 20 objects in and out of sequence!

All you have to do is to establish one of these two Peg systems as the numbers from 1-10, letting the other represent the numbers from 11-20.

Let us put this to the test. You will remember (I hope!) that Chapter 1 contained two tests, each of which asked you to remember 20 items. The first of these tests could have been adequately done by using the Link system, but the second was more difficult and required some form of Peg memory system. Let us then apply our present knowledge to the more difficult of these two tests. <

Decide which of the two Peg systems is to be first, and which, second and then give yourself not more than four minutes to remember the list When your four minutes are up, close or cover the book and then write down your answers in the same way as you did in the original test. After you have done this check your answers against the list. Here it is again:

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