3. Substitute Your Associations

The art of remembering well relies on a number of factors, and it is advisable, especially in associations which you might feel are a little weak, to bring all your weapons to the fore. By substituting one thing for another you can often very strongly reinforce a link that might have been not quite strong enough. An example of this was our substitution of the fire extinguisher for the washing-up liquid container. The substitution itself made the association and the movement links more complete, and thus more readily recalled.

Remembering is one area where you can really 'let yourself go'! There is no point at all in being conservative about the links you form—in fact the more conservative and retiring you are, the weaker your associations will be, and the worse your memory!

Whenever you are trying to associate anything with anything else, think up the most extraordinary and outrageous combination you can, and you will find it will last much longer. In day-to-day living you will find the same principle works. It is never the humdrum, mundane, ordinary events that catch one's attention; it is the exciting, new and unusual events which do so.

And even if somebody does mention the uninteresting or boring, doesn't he always commence his statement with 'It was the most extraordinarily boring ...' or 'The most deadly dull ...'? In other words it is those events which stand out which are remembered (even if they stand out because of their mediocrity!).

As a final note, and in a hushed breath, I feel obliged to mention that associations using some form of vulgar or sexual imagery are for many people among the strongest form. In view of this, and if a sexual image seems appropriate, do not hesitate to use it. Just be sure your imagination doesn't run away with itself!

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