The next item on our list, toothpaste, can easily be linked with die washing up liquid as they both come from containers which have to be squeezed. Simply imagine a fire-extinguisher-soap-container beginning to squirt toothpaste instead of soap.

We can move rapidly onto the next item by picturing the toothpaste no longer being squirted at the fire, but being badly aimed and covering our freshly polished shoes which were about to step on a rotten tomato anyway!

And there we have it: our list often items neatly associated: we slip on the bananas and soap, break the eggs and drinking glasses, and need bandages which are set alight by matches. The resulting fire is then put out by washing up liquid which is similar to squeezing toothpaste which goes all over our clean shoes which were about to squash a tomato!

The system is easy, but you might have already thought 'Ah yes, it might work for that list, but what happens when I have to memorise my own?*.

In fact it will be just as easy for you to make up your own, and eventually even easier, if you follow these simple rules:

1. Exaggerate your associations

2. Move your associations.

3. Substitute your associations.

1. Exaggerate Your Associations

Items are remembered far more easily if they are pictured in your mind's eye as being much greater than they really are. For example when you pictured yourself slipping on the banana peel and the bar of soap, your remembering task would have been made easier if you imagined a banana peel the size of a ski, and a bar of soap as large as a boulder.

2. Move Your Associations

Whenever you are establishing links include if possible, movement or action. By doing this you create images which are"; far more alive. The movement in your image helps to nudge the picture back into consciousness. Imagine for example how much more difficult our shopping list would have been to memorise if we had not used the idea of falling, breaking, bleeding, burning, squirting, and squashing! Action and movement always make remembering not only easier, but also more enjoyable.

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