Many readers will have realised while making up their Number-Shape memory words that what they were doing was using their creative imagination, while at the same time using the basic concept of linking! In other words, you were taking two basically unconnected items, a number and an object, and associating them by substituting the idea of shape.

You will probably have come up with words similar to the following:

1 Pole, pencil, pen, straw, penis

3 Double-chin, breasts, mole-hills

4 Table, swastika, sail

5 Hook, pregnant woman

6 Golf club, cherry

7 Fishing line, cliff, boomerang

8 Bun, hourglass, shapely woman

9 Flag, sperm, tadpole,

10 Bat and ball, Laurel & Hardy

Now, having worked out your own memory words, and having seen some other suggestions, I want you to select the Number-Shape memory word which for you is the best one. When you have done this print it large and clear in the box below, and put a large X through each of the previous lists. From now on you will be interested only in the words you have selected, and should forget the other choices.

Number Final number shape memory word

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