994- Paper. 995. Babble.

998. Pipeful._

999. Pop Up. An automatic toaster; a toy consisting of a lidded box with sprung puppet.

1000. Diseases.

This has been a giant chapter, but its importance is beyond question. The. major system can be used, like the smaller systems, to remember' short lists. Its advantage of course is that it is limitless.

It can therefore be used to store information. For example if you wish to remember a certain list of facts to which you would have to refer continually over a period of years you could memorise that list using the key words from, for example, 400 to 430. In this way you can build up a permanent library of important or interesting facts which you will never forget!

The major system is not only a peg system. It is also the basis for remembering numbers, dates and telephone numbers, etc., and to these we shall shortly turn.

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