Two Tips

There are, however, two techniques diat I use to give the impression of instantaneous recall. First, ask the person to repeat the data slowly. Second, start calculating the moment they impart the information.

For instance, as soon as someone says 'The 30th...' I am immediately casting out the 7s (four of them) leaving me with 2 '...of September'. Again, I instantly think of SEPTic trunk, 6, add it to the 2 I already have, which makes 8, cast out 7, leaving me with 1. I am now already ahead of the question, waiting for them to say die year.

'1966.' All yes, 66 is SS, Steven Spielberg, who is in the kitchen. Kitchen = curtain hooks = 5 and bingo! 5 + 1 = Friday.

Barely has the member of the audience finished speaking and I have already given them the day of the week they were born on. They walk away confused, dazzled, or just depressed, unable to comprehend how I did it. Now you know!

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