Tony Buzan

Tony Buzan is one of the leading world authorities on brain power. He lectures all around the world, advising royalty, governments, multi-nationals such as BP, Digital Equipment Corporation, General Motors and Rank Xerox, and universities.

His most important contribution to date has been 'Mindmapping1, a very successful method of ordering information in a visual way. A subject is broken down into its component parts and displayed on a page in different colours, allowing you to see and make new connections.

Buzan has also written extensively on memory. He is chairman of the Brain Club, an international organisation designed to increase mental, physical and spiritual awareness, and he has also edited the International Journal Of Mensa (the

High IQ. Society's magazine). Born in London in 1942, he emigrated to Vancouver in 1954 and graduated from the University of Colombia in 1964 with double honours Psychology, English, Maths and General Sciences. He has lived in England since 1966. In 1991, he set up the first ever World memor1ad with Raymond Keene, chess correspondent of The Times.


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