The Calculation

To work out the day of the week, simply add together the three codes: year, month, day. Once again, if the grand total is more than 7 (9 for example), simply cast out as many 7s as you can, leaving 2: a Monday.

Example 1: 22 October 1906.

1. Day code: 22 cast out three 7s, leaving 1

2. Month code: October = OCTopus on telegraph pole

3. Year code: 1906 = OS = Omar Sharif playing backgammon in garden


The total tells us the day of the week: 2nd. 22 October 1906 was a Monday.

Example 2: 31 August 1912

1. Day code: 31, cast out four 7s, leaving 3

2. Month code: August = A GUST of wind, handcuffs on oak trees

3. Year code: 1912 = AB = Alastair Burnet reading news in bedroom


Because the total is divisible by 7, we are left with 0. 31 August 1912 was a Saturday.

Example 3:

New Year's Eve, 1999

2. Month code: December = Father Xmas on a elephant

3. Year code: 1999 = NN = Nanette Newman in lounge


Take 7 away from 13 and you are left with 6. New Year's Eve in 1999 will be a Friday.

When you get more proficient at the mathematics, you should cast out any 7s

as you go along. If I were doing the above example, I would have added 6 to 3, making 9, and cast out 7, making 2, before adding 4.

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