Planning The Whole Year

I said earlier that if you wanted to plan for more than two months ahead, you should rotate among three separate journeys. However, if you have only the odd event to remember throughout the rest of the year, stick with your two main journeys and use a third, short one, consisting of ten stages.

I have just such a route, heading out north from my tower. If I need to remember an art exhibition on 27 August, for example, I would create an image at the first stage: Bob Geldof swinging a plank of wood around while admiring a painting.

I arrive at this image as follows: the key image is the painting, reminding me that it is an art exhibition. The date is the 27th; 27 = BG = Bob Geldof; August is the 8th month. 08 = OH = Oliver Hardy, whose action is swinging a plank.

The chronological order does not need to be preserved along this shorter journey; the dates are contained within each image. If I am subsequently invited to a farewell barbecue with some friends on 22 June, I move to the second stage and imagine my friends watching Betty Boothroyd playing backgammon on the barbecue. (They could have been playing tennis.)

You should know by now how I arrived at this particular scene. The key image is the barbccuc. The date is the 22nd: 22 = BB = Betty Boothroyd. June is the 6th month: 06 = OS = Omar Sharif, whose action is playing backgammon.


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