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Time travel borders on self-hypnosis, but it comes with no health warnings and you won't need the click of someone's fingers to wake you. When I relax in my sauna of early childhood memories, I adopt the same frame of mind I had all those years ago: carefree, innocent, untroubled. Only then do I realize how much my expectations and opinions have changed.

Time travel has many other benefits. One common symptom of people who don't know how to use their memories is the failure to recall dreams. It is nonsense to say that we don't dream. We all do, every night. It is the brain's way of filing away the thoughts it has had during the day. By exercising your memory regularly, you will begin to recall more and more dreams. (You might even have more wild and untamed dreams! No promises, though.)

Finally, you may wish to use the findings of your archaeological dig for one of your journeys. When I memorized thirty-five packs of cards, I needed thirty-five routes, many of them taken from my childhood.

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