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Pubs will swop their machines around after a while and you will have to decide whether to work a new patch or buy a new machine. There is a chance that you will be able to sell your old one back to the dealer or part exchange it. Don't bank on this! Even though there is a demand for SW'PS, dealers won't necessarily take them back, and they certainly won't offer you the full price.

Before you buy your first machine, it's sometimes worth asking the dealer whether they will buy it back from you in a couple of months, but be careful not to arouse their suspicion.

If your initial foray into the world of quiz machines is successful, you should consider investing in more machines. You can then plan a number of loops and alternate between them. There are several advantages. Landlords are less likely to recognize your face if you show up once every month instead of daily. And your revenue will increase!

Prevent Stuttering

Prevent Stuttering

Are You Suffering From Social Withdrawal? Do People Shun Or Ostracize You Because You Have A Hard Time Getting Some Of Your Words Out? Or Does Your Child Get Teased At School Because They Stutter And Cant Speak Like Everyone Else? If you have answered yes to any of the above, then you are in the tiny percentage of people that stutter.

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