Metroporus Of Scepsis

Metrodorus was a Greek man of letters, who turned away from philosophy to pursue a political life and to teach rhetoric. He lived in the first century BC and was a worthy successor to Simonides, widely considered as the founder of the art of memory. (For more on Simonides, see Chapter 26.)

One of Metrodorus's favourite tricks was to memorize conversations. Later on, he would repeat them back to people, verbatim. We think he did this by employing shorthand images for words or groups of words. (Sadly, his written works have all been lost.)

Instead of using a journey, Metrodorus placed images in the zodiac. He divided up the twelve signs (Aries, Taurus, etc.) into thirty-six decans, each one represented by thirty-six associated images. In turn, he used every degree (all 360 of them) as a stage (locus), providing him with one long and ordered journey.

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