There is no limit to the information that can be stored using journeys: facts and figures about the company, including balance sheets and its history; information relating to customers, branches, key employees; data about the general sector or industry; related share prices.

But be careful! Don't show off too much; you may unnerve your interviewer if you suddenly reel off the company's entire annual accounts. The odd subtle throwaway line at the right moment is far more likely to leave the right lasting impression.

When you are choosing a journey, exactly the same principles apply as before. Try to ensure that it has some relevance. The first stage could start at the firm itself, perhaps. If you have come to know your Job Centre well over the last few weeks and months, it could always begin there.

Always keep the data as visual as possible. No matter how technical or involved the information might be, there is always a way of translating it into key images. Use all the techniques you have learnt: The dominic system for converting statistics into people and actions, word association to remember important members of staff.

Finally, you may wish to use a separate journey for your career. There's nothing worse than being asked about a dark and distant period in your previous employment and not being able to shed any light on it. Break down your CV into its constituent parts, and translate them into key images. Again, the DOMINIC SYSTEM can be used to make dates more memorable; alternatively, you could assign each year to a separate stage.

No matter how well prepared you are, or how much research you have done, you won't get the job if you don't perform well in the interview. Mental composure is essential. A good memory allows you to maintain your train of thought in the often difficult environment of an interview, bringing out the best in you when it matters.


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