How To Remember The Time Of An Appointment

The whole purpose of the mental diary is to improve your awareness of future engagements and plans. There is nothing to stop you from using it in conjunction with a written diary. The sight of a doctor standing by a well, for example, need only be a reminder of the day. You can always then check the time of your appointment in a diary.

Having said that, the mental diary is well equipped to record the time of an appointment. Using the twenty-four-hour clock, you can translate times into people and incorporate them in your image.

If, for example, my board meeting on 9 January was at 1600 hrs, 1 would imagine Arthur Scargill interrupting the meeting by delivering a sack of coal (16 = AS = Arthur Scargill).

It helps to reinforce the time image if you include the person's action, but it is not always necessary. Here are two more examples:

16 January: Collect Toby from Heathrow at 0900 hrs

The location is the bridge (16th stage). The key image is of Toby. An aeroplane has landed on the bridge and he is disembarking, accompanied by Oliver North (09 = ON = Oliver North).

19 January: Dentist's appointment at 1100 hrs. Golf Lesson at 1700 hrs. The location is the willow tree (19th Stage) In this particular example, I have two appointments on the same day, so I imagine two separate key images, one on either side of the willow tree. The first key image is of my dentist. He is drilling a hole in one of Arthur Askey's teeth (11 = AA = Arthur Askey). The second key image is of my golf tutor. He is teaching Alec Guinness how to stop hooking the ball (17 = AG = Alec Guinness).

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