How To Remember Populations

It's very easy to add farther information to your images of countries and capitals. For example, if you want to remember that the population of Venezuela is 20 million, you just have to convert 20 into a person and incorporate them into your image.

Using the Dominic system, 20 turns into Bill Oddie (2 = B; 0 = O). I imagine Bill Oddie pulling a cracker with a deer. Unless the populations are very small, always expect your number image to refer to millions.

To remember that the population of the United States is approximately 249 million, I split the number down in to 24 - 9. Using the dominic system, 24 becomes the weatherman Bernard Davey (2 = B; 4 = d). Using number-shapes, 9 becomes a balloon. I imagine Bernard Davey standing rather sheepishly in the corner of the Cheers bar, holding a balloon. (Perhaps it's a weather balloon.)

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