How To Remember More Thaw Owe Pack Of Carps

This is not as daunting as it might sound. For each new pack, I plan a new journey. When I memorized 35 packs of cards, I had previously mapped out 35 different routes. I don't expect many people to attempt 35 packs. You have to be slightly unhinged to put yourself through that particular agony. (It took me thirteen hours.) But if you do want to move on to multiple packs, there arc one or two tips and pitfalls to look out for.

When I was attempting the world record, it took the invigilators half an hour to shuffle 35 packs. (There were 1,820 cards, after all.) Mathematically, there was a high chance of some anomalies appearing in the card sequence. I predicted identical cards grouped together, and others that might not turn up for ages.

In the event, there were 44 doubles (a jack of spades followed by another jack of spades) and one treble (9 of clubs, 9 of clubs, 9 of clubs). Some memory experts have complained of confusion when memorizing more than one pack, and I suspect this is because they are not using the journey method.

It allows you to place each character at a unique location. Michael Jackson dancing at a bus stop is a quite separate image from Michael Jackson dancing in front of the traffic at the lights. Besides, I find that any doubles (and particularly triples) that do arise are memorable in their own right because they are unusual.

If you are attempting more than one pack, you need to remember the order of your various journeys. I do this by incorporating a number shape at the first stage of each route. For instance, if my second journey is around Royston, a swan will feature in the first image (Swan = 2). Handcuffs (3) will start off the third journey, the fourth will commence with a sail (4); and so on.

The number of packs you can remember is restricted only by the number of journeys you can devise. You will be surprised at just how much information your memory can store and recall.


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