How To Beat Quiz Machines

Soon after I had memorized 7,500 Trivial Pursuit questions, it occured to me that there must be a way of learning the questions on quiz machines ■■ found in pubs and clubs. If there was, anyone with a trained memory could make themselves some pocket money.

I looked into the subject and discovered a small group of professional players who tour the country, earning serious amounts of cash. One person, who leaves the initials F.E.Y. on machines, has recendy bought a £75,000 house with his earnings. Did he have an exceptional memory?

I dccidcd to meet some of these people to compare notes. Their itinerant lifestyle, moving discreetly from pub to pub, had many similarities with my life as a blackjack card-counter. And we had all spent time committing a large number of trivial questions and answers to memory.

I was encouraged by what I heard. Although the financial rewards aren't as great as blackjack, there is a good living to be had for anyone who has the time and dedication. With a little research, a small investment, and a trained memory, I reckon it is possible to make £200 cash a day, tax-free, after a few weeks. Needless to say, there is nothing illegal about playing quiz machines professionally.

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